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Samsung regala un Galaxy Z Fold 4 a Bill Gates

Last year Bill Gates had told during a Reddit AMA of using a Galaxy Z Fold 3 like smartphones. According to him, it was the perfect compromise between a smartphone and a laptop for when he has to work. The President of Samsung Lee Jay-Yong he therefore thought of giving a gift to Bill Gates the new Galaxy Z Fold 4 to the founder of Microsoft.

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Samsung regala un Galaxy Z Fold 4 a Bill Gates

In another Reddit AMA, held just yesterday, Bill Gates explains that he now has “a Samsung Fold 4 that JY Lee, the president of Samsung, gave me when I saw it in South Korea to upgrade my Fold 3” . Many Fold 3 users have not updated their smartphone this year, more than reasonably. But if The president of Samsung gives it to youit seems bad to refuse.

Gates explains that “I use Outlook and a lot of Microsoft software on my smartphone. Screen size means that I don’t need to use a tablet, just my phone and my laptop – a Windows device”.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 Galaxy Z Flip 4 Date.

In the response, Gates also explained his position at Microsoft. “Microsoft shares some research and production plans with me. I really enjoy working with Satya and her teams. But I’m not up to date on their hardware plans.”

The billionaire further explained that “I use Windows Surface Studio as a desktop PC, which is great. I also love the Surface Hub whiteboard and we have a lot of them in the office.”

Gates had already expressed his preference for Android as an operating system in the past, perhaps also due to some old rivalry with Apple at the time of the personal computer revolution. But the Microsoft founder explains that it’s mostly because of the pre-installed Microsoft software. But to explained that “I also often play with iPhones” to keep updated.

Instead, what is your smartphone to always keep in your pocket? Tell us about it in the comments.

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