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FitXR VR fitness app arrives on PICO

PICOa leading company in the sector VRhas expanded its library by adding the popular FitXR fitness app.

FitXR is on the PICO store

Users who bought headsets PICO 4 e PICO Neo3 Link they will now be able to download FitXR directly from the PICO store and train directly from their own home on the tallest building in the city centre, a sunny beach, or test their fighting skills in an arena.

The workouts, available on FitXR, are organized by certified fitness instructors, to ensure high-level preparation results. Furthermore, the immersive experience offered by virtual reality allows you to carve out a moment to escape from the chaos from the gym and from traditional lessons, having fun wherever you want directly from your living room.

What’s more, the application offers the widest variety of workouts available in the metaverse: users can access the most varied fitness courses, such as Combat and Sculpt o Box, Dance e High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Another benefit is that each program is fully customizable, allowing users to achieve their fitness goals. In fact, every time users access the application, they can choose the training methods they prefer, selecting the type of course, music, intensity and/or duration of the session as well as choosing from the numerous 3D environments. Users will also be able to track their workout with PICO x FitXR on Stravasetting goals, connecting with the community and sharing your fitness journey with other users.

An interesting novelty

Starting yesterday, all users who download FitXR on their PICO 4 or PICO Neo3 Link headsets will be able to take advantage of a free 30-day trial, valid until April 30th.

“By engaging in a fully immersive workout, our users have more fun, improve consistency and achieve real results. The launch on PICO is a fundamental step for FitXR. We already offer a unique and diverse fitness experience, and with availability on the PICO headset, we plan to bring that capability to every person, in every home, in every location, on any hardware device. It also reinforces our position as the global leader in VR Fitness apps, with subscribers worldwide,” he said Sam Cole, CEO and co-founder of FitXR.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer FitXR to our customers. We know our users are looking for a diverse range of high-quality, customizable VR experiences and this is just one of many launches we have planned for 2023,” he commented instead. Peter Li, Head of Gaming Partnerships di PICO.

Lastly, recent releases on PICO include: Peaky Blinders: The Kings Ransom, Survival Nation, Megan Thee Stallion’s virtual concert, and an exclusive stand-up comedy series in partnership with The Comedy Store.

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