Hisense Italia sales in 2022 growing: leverage on marketing

Hisense Italia sempre più in alto: marketing e comunicazione nei prossimi piani thumbnail

Hisense Italia, the local branch of the Chinese multinational, closes 2022 with exponential growth. To say it is Gianluca Di Pietro, CEO of Hisense Italywho communicated the company’s financial results and sales and future projects to the press in an organized meeting.

In fact, great attention will be given to marketing and communication for improve brand awareness among the public. Not surprisingly, the company emerged victorious from close partnership with the 2016 European Football Championships, for the World Cup in Russia (2018) and then in Qatar last year.

But let’s start in order.

The successes and sales of Hisense Italia

From the words of Gianluca Di Pietro we discover that Hisense in 2022 met “… one significant growth of 20% arriving, by quantity placed on the market in the world of TV, in second place worldwide. Hisense in Italy began just over 10 years ago and in such a short time we are the fourth brand on the television market and in 2023, we hope to be in third place”.

So last year was a prolific year for the companies in terms of sales, despite inflation and an increase in production costs. Also in the air conditioners market, thanks also to the push of the State of the 110% Superbonus “Hisense Italia recorded a growth in sales of almost 25%, but what comforts us more is that, after the Government’s decision to block the incentive , sales volumes continue to be important.” DiPietro said.

Hisense’s Digital Marketing and Brand Awareness

Hisense’s communication successes in recent years have borne fruit, increasing Brand Awareness on the part of the Italian public by 20% in 2021 and by 8% in 2022. This obviously after an expense equal to 3% of the total turnover, which will increase in tandem with the overall growth of the business. In regards to that, Tatiana Pampalone, Marketing Manager Hisense Italiacommunicated that “We therefore work both in the upper part of the funnel and in the upper part, with the conviction that digital is today the most performing media in relation to buying costs and for its high profiling capacity”

The interesting part is that Hisense Italia has decided not to invest in advertising on traditional media “except those activated in the context of co-marketing agreements with distribution chains”. Their efforts predict a 48% increase in online ad spend. This results in a series of “search and display” investments planned mainly on Meta, Google, Amazon and TikTok.