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Five reasons to see King’s Man on Disney +

Coming to Disney + King’s Man: Let’s see five reasons not to miss Matthw Vaughn’s film

Starting from Wednesday 23 February it will be possible to stream on Disney + King’s Man, the third film in the Kingsman saga that serves as a prequel to the entire narrative. The film has had a troubled existence, with continuous postponements due to the emergency from Covid-19. The film finally saw the light in Italian cinemas in January 2022 and now it arrives in the homes of viewers thanks to Disney +. Let’s see the five reasons not to miss Matthew Vaughn’s film.

King’s Man: five reasons to see it

Let’s start with the most logical reason, which is the continuation of one of the most interesting and engaging action sagas. We will go to the discovery of what happened before Kingsman, or how the spy agency was born. After the success of the first two films, this one prequel it is absolutely unmissable to continue to explore a very intriguing naractive universe like the one created by Mark Millar David Gibbons, comic fathers of The Secret Service, a work from which Kingsman takes inspiration.

The second reason not to miss the film is thesetting of the First World War. The history of the birth of the intelligence society is intertwined in a decidedly interesting way with the events that date back to one of the most troubled periods in human history. The conflict that is created between the scariest criminal minds in the world and the one who intends to stop them by giving life to the Kingsman fits into the frame of the Great War and gives the viewer a very tempting uchronic tale. We’ll see great characters of history alternating on the big screen, from Kaiser Wilhelm II to Grigorij Rasputin, a beautiful review between history and fiction.

Then there is the action, lots of action, along the lines of the first two chapters. King’s Man also keeps the adrenaline level high and offers the viewer two hours of excitement and frenzy. Furthermore, to enrich the quality of the film there is a cast of the highest level, which can count on actors of the caliber of Ralph Fiennes, Daniel Brühl, Gemma Arterton, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Harris Dickinson.

Finally, King’s Man is a film not to be missed even for all those viewers who like to recognize the places where the films are set. In fact, some scenes were shot right in Italy, in particular in the Royal Palace of Turin, in the Racconigi castle and in other locations in Piedmont. It will therefore also be an opportunity to see a little of Italy.

Therefore, do not miss the release of King’s Man on Dinsey +, scheduled for Wednesday 23 February. To stay updated on upcoming releases and all the news from the world of cinema, visit our website.

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