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Fixture Gaming: the new S2 for Nintendo Switch is coming

Fixture Gaming announces the upcoming arrival of its new S2 support compatible with Nintendo Switch OLED

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, and founded by industrial designer Austin Stark, Fixture Gaming designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality gaming accessories for the Nintendo Switch. The company has finally completed its latest work, creating a “better and more comfortable way” to play Switch with the Pro controller on the go. Indeed, Wednesday 16th Novemberil Fixture S2, compatible with the Nintendo Switch OLED model, will be officially launched on the Fixture Gaming website and on Amazon. To learn more about Fixture Gaming, Fixture S1 and Fixture S2 supports and the Fixture carrying case, visit the website.

Fixture Gaming: the new S2 for Nintendo Switch is coming

More details on the new FIXTURE S2

A support that connects the model Nintendo Switch OLED with a controller Pro for exceptional gaming on the go. The Fixture S2 allows you to take games anywhere, while enjoying the legendary precision and comfort of the Pro controller. For added flexibility, Fixture S2 can also be used in tabletop mode. Easily transforming into a super stable stand for solo or multiplayer play. The careful design of Fixture S2 is characterized by the addition of the patented two-axis hinge with metallic friction. This allows you to quickly and easily adjust the height and angle of the Nintendo Switch model’s OLED screen. In addition, it allows the entire unit to be folded into an extremely compact size. It is also possible to charge the Switch and the Controller Pro at the same time while playing. The stand also offers excellent stability. Simply slide the top of the Pro Controller into the holder and apply light pressure. Then insert the Switch, adjust the height and angle of the screen to your liking, and that’s it.

Main features

  • Designed by gamers for gamers. The original Fixture S2 design is compatible with the Nintendo Switch OLED model and the Pro controller, a convenient and reliable alternative to Joy-Con.
  • Designed for comfort. The Fixture S2 was designed with comfort and performance in mind. Balances the weight of the screen directly on your hands, reducing screen rotation and wrist fatigue. Its patented two-axis design allows you to easily adjust the angle and height of the Switch, ensuring stability and balance in “any” playing position.
  • One accessory, multiple uses. To play by hand, simply insert the Pro controller into Fixture S2. For tabletop mode, use it as a stand on any flat surface and enjoy playing multiplayer anywhere.
  • Perfect for gaming on the go. Take the Fixture S2 anywhere – its adjustable design and convenient charging make it perfect for gaming on the go.
  • Exclusive to the Switch OLED model and Pro controller. Fixture S2 was created specifically to precisely fit the Nintendo Switch OLED model and the official Nintendo Pro controller. No complicated assembly required. Just mount it on the Switch’s OLED and Pro Controller and you’re done.

Fixture Gaming: the new S2 for Nintendo Switch is coming

Prices and availability

Fixture S2 will be launched Wednesday 16th November at the price of 44,99 dollars. Switch owners can choose the bundle instead, which includes the Fixture S2 and the official case for 64,99 dollars. All of this will be available on the Fixture Gaming website and on Amazon.

And you? What do you think of this again Fixture S2 per Nintendo Switch OLED ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to TechGameWorld.com for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and more!).

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