Fixture S1 Review: Support for Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller

Fixture Gaming offers us a support to be able to play with our Nintendo Switch and our Pro Controller in portable mode. Will this product meet our needs? Let’s see it below in this Fixture S1 review

Fixture Gaming was born from the idea of ​​Austin Stark, an industrial designer from Phoenix, who wanted to create a support that would allow him to carry around both the Nintendo Switch and the Pro Controller and to be able to play in portable mode. If you know the supports for controllers and smartphones, the concept is exactly the same. This idea was then translated into Fixture S1, and with this article, after having been able to try it, we will offer you the one review.

Key word: robustness

One of the biggest fears, when using such products, is that the grip on the screen is not solid enough, and that therefore during the game the screen will move or even fall. Given the size of the Switch screen (larger than that of an average smartphone), this doubt is amplified even more. Well, with Fixture S1, it was decided to eliminate the root problem: net of one not indifferent heaviness (which you get used to anyway), the support is extremely robust. More specifically, the weight is 1,673 kg, while the measurements are 17,78 x 8,26 x 5,08 cm.

After moving the arm that holds the screen to the most comfortable position for us, we will notice how it remains during gaming sessions. firm and firm, unless it is subjected to particularly sharp jerks. As for it screen, it must be inserted using the slide-in spaces dedicated to joy-con: this allows it to remain firmly anchored to the support, avoiding any danger of damage from falling. As you can guess, you can then use Fixture S1, which we will continue to analyze in the next paragraphs of this review, only by disconnecting the joy-con from the console; there is also no support for Nintendo Switch Lite.

Fixture S1 Review: Support for Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller

Controller and General Information – Fixture S1 Review

Speaking of the controller, Fixture S1 only supports the Pro Controller original produced by Nintendo: third-party controllers are therefore excluded, which could be damaged in use if combined with this support. As with the screen, the Pro Controller also remains firmly anchored to the holder thanks to a grip very strong and tight. It must be said that, in the long run, if the controller is attached and detached with some regularity, you will find some light scratches, especially on the back, which however do not affect its correct functioning in any way. Both the screen and the controller can also be recharged via cable directly attached to the holder.

In general, Fixture S1 is presented in two variants, one with the arm colored in gray, the other with the arm colored in red and blue, to resume the two original versions of Nintendo Switch. It can be used in tabletop mode: just place it on a flat surface with the screen attached, and you have a perfect replacement for the console’s original fragile stand.

Fixture S1 Review: Support for Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller

Fixture Case – Review Fixture S1

Proceeding in this review of Fixture S1, let’s spend a few words on the Fixture Case (available separately or as a bundle). Since Fixture S1 is designed for portable gaming, the manufacturers have also thought about making a case to carry console, controller and support all together. That case also features some slots to insert up to 10 cartridges, along with a extra pocket in which to store other accessories (such as joy-con or charger).

Although the case is very large and sturdy, it can become that all the accessories related to the console can fit in it problematic. By inserting the compact console, controller and Fixture S1 combination into the special slot, most of the available space is already occupied. Excluding a priori the dock which is too bulky to enter the case, if we insert the other accessories in the pocket, we will find ourselves having to to force the case to have to close it, exposing us to the risk of ruining some parts.

Fixture S1 Review: Support for Nintendo Switch and Pro Controller

Conclusions and verdict

Fixture S1 is a simple product, but made for optimize game sessions. As already mentioned before, there is absolutely nothing to fear in terms of robustness: the controller, screen and arm are firm and secure, allowing you to have a solid and safe gaming experience in every situation. However, if we start to deepen the individual aspects, some problems arise that may result annoying: the weight of the support and the risk of scratching the controller are two of the elements that can be annoying.

A similar argument can also be made for Fixture Case: on paper an excellent addition to take the Fixture S1 support on the go, but in practice it is complicated to fit the console and all the accessories together. However, all in all, if you own both the Nintendo Switch and the Pro Controller, and wish to be able to use the latter in portable mode even away from home without necessarily having to place the console on a surface, then this product is definitely for you.

At the end of this Fixture S1 review, the word is up to you. What do you think? How did you feel with this product? Waiting for your comments, if in the meantime you want to stay updated on all the news regarding the hardware world, we invite you to stay tuned on the pages. If you prefer to buy video games at discounted prices for all major consoles, you can do so via our link to Instant Gaming.

Good support for Switch and Pro Controller

Points in favor

  • Robustness
  • Great grip on screen and controller

Points against

  • Heaviness
  • Lightly scratch the controller
  • Fixture Case is not very useful
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