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Flamingo Party: the first film by influencer Charlotte M.

Flamingo Party is the first film by world famous influencer Charlotte M, who has been a leading content creator on social media for years

From success on Instagram and Tik Tok to the big screen. Thus the famous influencer Charlotte M. will crown her rise with the making of Flamingo Party, her first feature film to be released in 2023. Filming of the film will end on August 2, after which the wait for the release of Flamingo will begin. Party. A way to get to know the influencer and her whole world better.

Flamingo Party: the plot of the film

The film is produced by Notorious Pictures and directed by Emanuele Pisano and revolves around the famous influencer. The film will tell the life of Charlotte, a young girl who in high school finds herself having to face all the problems related to a particular age such as adolescence. Charlotte’s life revolves around her best friend Sofia and her oasis of flamingos which is near his grandmother’s house, but which is about to close due to lack of funds.

Charlotte and Sofia therefore decide to organize a dance school to raise the funds to save that place they love so much, but many difficulties soon emerge and a new boy arrives in town destined to create havoc in their lives.

Discovering Charlotte

As mentioned, Charlotte M. is a very popular influencer, active on social networks since 2016 and who has collected an incredible success. In the film, the content creator wants to show the general public the values ​​that have guided her in her rise, such as creativity and spontaneity. The goal is also to tell the teenage life, with all the themes linked to it such as friendship, first loves, all those personal torments that are typical of this crucial age for personal growth.

All themes that Charlotte M. deals with on a daily basis and which therefore find an outlet and resonance in the film. The influencer has poured all of herself into this work, also enriching it with two songs interpreted by her. At the center of the film are therefore the themes dear to Charlotte M of her, the ability to tell the story of adolescent life, music, poetry, singing, acting and writing. A way to get to know Charlotte M.

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