Flic Twist: ecco il pulsante quadrante che ti consente di controllare casa thumbnail

Flic Twist: Here is the dial button that lets you control home

Flic Twist: Here's the dial button that lets you control home thumbnails

From Smart Button to Flic Twist. Here is the “Made in Sweden” revolution that allows a further definition of the Smart Home, with the dial button that allows you to perform various functions within the home environment.

Flic Twist: the tool for all environments and ages

Wireless (working with replaceable batteries), suitable for both children and the elderly, and full of utilities: the product that was missing but which seems ready to mark an era. It can also be managed with voice commands and with a usage memory even for those unfamiliar with technology.

“We have created something that works for everyone – said Daniel Abdiu, CEO of Shortcut Labs, the creator of Flic Twist – within our users we have people capable of making the most of technology and who instead, for their same admission, says they only use 50% of the products. With this product we believe we can help everyone without distinction, so we are enthusiastic about launching innovation on the market “.

How to use

In addition to voice commands, the fundamental way of interacting with the product is that of manual use: pressing the dial button in the center or finding the rotations of the various menus. Timer for light or heating, Alexa and TV switch-ons: these are some of the usable functions.

Flick Twist: Since when it is available

The product was launched last November 2 on Kickstarter, also presenting various designs to be integrated with possible interior furnishings.

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