Fling To The Finish uscirà in Early Access il 23 Agosto

Fling To The Finish uscirà in Early Access il 23 Agosto thumbnail

The developers of SplitSide Games and the Publisher Daedalic Enterainment are happy to announce the arrival of “Fling To The Finish” in Early Access. It is an arcade game of corse in co-op, which promises to entertain users thanks to a crazy and carefree gameplay.

The title will arrive on PC and will be distributed via the platform Steam. From 23 August version will be available to players Early Access. For the uninitiated, this means that this is a first version of the game, which will change and improve over time. It is therefore not a question of the title in its final form.

The elastic cord, the real star of Fling To The Finish

“Fling To The Finish” promises to put their friendships to the test, thanks to the crazy races organized in teams of two drivers each. The tracks will be chaotic, colorful, full of unexpected events and obstacles scattered around the map. The vehicles of the same team will then be tied by an elastic cord.

This singular choice of gameplay will make communication and collaboration necessary and fundamental. When used wisely, the rope will allow players to excel, but it can represent a serious danger in case of failure to join forces.

You can even play in two by sharing a single controller with your teammate. More casual gamers will have no problem enjoying each other while the most competitive will be able to test themselves in online races against other people.

Characters to choose from before hitting the track there will be a dozen, all unique, crazy and adorable in their own personal style. The tracks are very different from each other, and range from gigantic casinos to asteroids infested with worms. They will also evolve during competitions to offer a level of challenge and always high fun.

The playable levels, to be precise, will be 12 and the game modes 4. This is the initial package, which will obviously go to evolve and expand over time.

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