Flubot, a new campaign spreads malware in Europe

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Bitdefender Labs warns of a new campaign to spread the malware Flubot across Europe, attacking i iOS and Android devices. To spread malicious software they use a SMiShingwhich spreads malware via SMS.

Bitdefender Labs: pay attention to the Flubot campaign in Europe

The first signs had already been seen in Romania around Easter, when Bitdefender revealed the first SMS phishing attacks. Usually the message advertised fake content, such as a fake voice message. Hackers are attacking both iOS and Android, but the green robot users are the main targets.

A message with a bogus link, perhaps to track a non-existent package, brings up the Android installation screen from unknown sources. The application could be a voicemail app or other bogus service.

If users were to authorize the installation, they would install the FluBot banking trojan on their device. The app will ask different accessibility permissions. Specifically, it will ask for access to contacts to attack your telephone contacts as well. Accessibility privileges make it difficult to get rid of the app.

FluBot does not work on iOS, but if you were to try to install it on the iPhone, the direct link to online scams automatically. Then also who has an iPhone is not immune.

Romania and Germany are by far the most targeted countries, but the malware is spreading across Europe. As activity is on the rise, Bidefender recommends di obtain software that can block the attack. Come Bitdefender Mobile Security, which has the new Scam Alert feature.

Here is a full report from the Bitdefender Labs study.