Mario Strikers Battle League Football: 10 Extra Characters After Launch?

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I / miptheme_dropcap]The post-launch transfer market seems to be aiming right now towards 10 additional characters in the Mario Strikers Battle League Football roster

We already know that the roster of characters available in the near future Mario Strikers Battle League Football amounts to ten gunners from the Mushroom Kingdom. What we did not dare (except for the most hopeful) to predict was the presence of additional players after the launch, but apparently the Big N is a step (or a step?) Ahead of us. The game will therefore receive substantial support after day one with what promise to be numerous free updates. DLCs ​​aimed at anticipating the release of a title are now part of everyday gaming, but perhaps we have more precise figures.

Ten characters looking for a stadium (who will find the one from Mario Strikers Battle League Football)

Well, a datamine from the recent demo seems to leave no room for doubt: the characters of Mario Strikers Battle League Football will receive the company of as many new talents. And since mathematics is not an opinion, “as many” translates into ten other players. As a user on Twitter noted, the game’s files suggest a doubling in the roster that will bring the changing rooms of the Kyoto giant to a total of twenty young hopefuls. If you want a demonstration, as usual we have included the tweet in question below for any consultation on your part.

If the previous spinoffs dedicated to the mustache can let us guess a pattern, we will have to deal with many free DLCs. That the contents included also include modalities, aesthetic contents and so on, will remain to be seen over time. We have potentially several months of waiting, if we do not obviously count a hypothetical Nintendo Direct for the month of June. By the way, the game will be available in the first month of summer, for a countdown that will begin the day after tomorrow. Waiting for the fateful June 10however, if you want our first impressions in view of a possible review beyond the contents of the First Kick, our preview may be for you.

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