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Flux Keyboard: the transparent keyboard with integrated display

In this article we talk about a keyboard never seen before, the Flux Keyboard, totally transparent and with a built-in display

Australian startup Flux Group yesterday launched the Flux Keyboard, a keyboard that combines the speed and accuracy of a mechanical keyboard with the adaptability of a built-in display. The AUD 200,000 Kickstarter goal was fully funded in 8 minutes, reaching 1 million dollars Australians just 4 hours later.

The Flux keyboard is available for pre-order on Kickstarter, at a special price of US$349/AUD$525.

Flux Keyboard: the transparent keyboard with integrated display

Display adattivo | Flux Keyboard

The Flux Keyboard display allows users to view any icon or desired character on each transparent key, allowing the display of different languages, application-specific shortcuts and styles. On the display IPS high definition you can be the background of any image, video or even responsive animation.

Our goal is to make keyboard shortcuts obvious and accessible, and to unlock efficiency in any task, whether it’s Work oh you leisure. I believe that the process of learning new software will also be significantly accelerated.

he has declared Sebastian Darmasetiawan, founder and CEO of Flux Group.

Flux Keyboard: the transparent keyboard with integrated display Flux Keyboard: the transparent keyboard with integrated display

Switch Maglev Key | Flux Keyboard

Instead of the traditional mechanical switches or rubber domes found on most keyboards on the market, the keyboard Flux Keyboard uses Flux’s Maglev switches, which rely solely on magnets to provide a return mechanism. The result is ultra-low-friction operation and can offer a tactile or linear feel.

Each key also features a user-adjustable actuation point that allows for a accuracy up a 0,1 mm thanks to the sensors a Hall effect of the keyboard Flux. Hall effect sensors are ideal for gamers and provide the Flux Keyboard with a frequency of polling Of 1.000 Hza response time of 1-2 milliseconds and a functionality of quick activation.

Interchangeable modules

The keyboard Flux Keyboard it features a number of modules that can be added or removed along its top length in any combination, giving users more possibility Of customization and touch modes to interact with desired applications and optimize i flows Of Work. These modules include:

  • Triple key module, which features 3 additional customizable keys
  • Side dial module, which features a large dial and a rocker switch
  • Three-dial module, which features 3 dials surrounded by a display
  • Passive module, equipped with a window for viewing information on the display.

Flux Keyboard: the transparent keyboard with integrated display

Replaceable key bezel and key specs | Flux Keyboard

The keys are contained in a cornice which allows you to easily switch between switch lineari to those tactile oh you clean the bottom of the keys. Here is an overview of specifications of the keys.

  • 75% keyboard layout in ANSI or ISO format
  • Display IPS 1920 x 1080
  • 1,000Hz polling rate
  • Response time of 1-2ms
  • USB C or USB A connection
  • Compatibility with Windows 10/11 and macOS 11+, limited compatibility with Linux

What do you think of this keyboard? Let us know with a comment below and continue to follow to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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