Spring, time for cleaning and more: at Proscenic, many products for the smart home are on offer

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Proscenic has decided to celebrate the arrival of spring with incredible promotions on some of its best devices. The offer period will go from Monday 27 March (6pm) to Wednesday 29with discounts dal 13 up to 39%.

Proscenic promotions for spring

Among the products on offer we find: vacuum cleaners; washer dryer; air fryers; baby monitors. Let’s see them in detail.


It is a cordless vacuum cleaner equipped with an anti-tangle roller brush enhanced thanks to its V shape, a brushless motor with a suction of 33 kPa (120AW) and an autonomy and unprecedented cleaning precision, effectively picking up dirt and debris on the floor.

Price discounted by 13%: €209.00.

Air fryers

The T20, T21, T22 and T31 air fryers are perfect for those looking for a smart, convincing device with incredible cooking performance. Last but not least, with the Proscenic app you can not only control the air fryer, but also program and monitor the cooking process.

  • Discounted price of the T20 of 25%: €74.00;
  • Discounted price of the T21 of 25%: €104.00;
  • Discounted price of the T22 of 25%: €104.00;
  • Discounted price of the T31 of 15%: €169.00.

WashVac F20

The WashVac F20 is the wireless wet & dry vacuum cleaner that vacuums, washes and dries together. This functionality is due to its two 1L tanks, thus integrating suction and washing and making it suitable for cleaning on all types of floors. The device is equipped with 4 working modes-in-1 and guarantees up to 45 minutes of battery life in Smart mode.

Price discounted by 25%: €299.00.

Baby Monitor BM300

This baby monitor is designed to offer maximum flexibility and safety, thanks to its being a smart device and the numerous control functions. Mounting a 1080p HD camera and a 5-inch large screen, you can observe your baby’s every little movement and expression in detail. In addition, it is equipped with night vision, making it suitable for night monitoring as well.

Price discounted by 39%: €109.00.