Fnatic JET review: The super-fast mousepad

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In this review we will analyze the brand new Fnatic JET XD: a mouse pad designed for players looking for maximum fluidity

Mousepads have become an indispensable accessory for gamers and enthusiasts of competitive and non-competitive PC gaming. Placed on the desktop, they provide an ideal surface for smooth or more precise mouse movement, allowing gamers to achieve unprecedented levels of control and precision. Mousepads are designed to enhance the gaming experience, allowing gamers to perform at their best. With different characteristics such as a smooth or rougher surface, a non-slip grip and a suitable size, these mats help to significantly improve the setup.

One of the important features to consider in a mouse pad is its surface area. There are several variations of mats, each with unique characteristics. Smooth surface mousepads offer low friction, allowing the mouse to glide smoothly. Conversely, mats with a rougher surface offer more control and traction for more precise movements.

What we got to review is Fnatic’s latest mousepad (as well as their first fast mousepad); we’re talking about Fnatic JET in versione XDcharacterized by a holographic surface and dimensions of 950x500x3mm.

Fnatic JET review: The super-fast mousepad

What do we find in the box? | Fnatic JET Review

The box in which the mousepad is contained has a cylindrical shape with a length of 53 cm and a diameter of 9 cm, which also allows it to be used as a carrying case. Inside the package, we will find two elements: the mat it’s a microfiber cloth black with the Fnatic logo. The mouse pad is the centerpiece of the box, but more on that later.

The black microfiber cloth with the Fnatic logo is included to allow for quick and easy cleaning of the mat. Microfiber is a material known for its ability to capture dust and dirt without scratching or damaging the surface. This cloth can be used to remove any dust, debris or surface fingerprints from the mat, keeping it clean and in top condition after each use.

Fnatic JET review: The super-fast mousepad

How is the mat made? | Fnatic JET Review

The Fnatic JET XD mouse pad is an excellent option for gamers looking for a smooth and fast gaming experience. With generous dimensions of 950x500x3mm, offers a large area of ​​movement for the mouse, allowing for sweeping swipes and quick clicks. The mat is also available in other sizes (ML-XL) for those looking for a solution that takes up less space or simply for personal preference.

The real pivot is his Holographic surface designed to ensure low friction and maximize speedoffering a uniform smoothness on the X and Y axes. With this mat, Fnatic was definitely inspired by glass mats. The design of the JET XD mat is unique due to its Holographic surface that changes color and intensity depending on how light hits the mousepad. It must be said that in order for the fantastic effect to emerge on the surface, we will need a direct light to hit the mat. In a dark environment, in fact, this will appear dark purple or, sometimes, we will seem to have an oil slick on the asphalt (I hope you get the idea).

The fabricBut, tends to hold a bit too many fingerprints. After a classic use, in fact, we will be forced to pass the microfibre cloth. Furthermore, if you tend to sweat particularly, we warn you that you will be forced to clean the mousepad even more frequently. No problem as it is water repellent and, once washed, it will return to its original condition.

The perimeter is characterized by a slightly thicker black border than the mat itself, which measures up to 3mm. This didn’t give us any discomfort on the wrists or arms in actual use, also because it’s far from rough. At the bottom right, however, there is the Fnatic logo in white.

The base of the mat is made from dense, textured natural rubber, which provides excellent grip on most surfaces. This ensures that the mat remains stable during use, preventing unwanted slipping. We tried it on glossy and matte surfaces and in both cases the mat performed very well, remaining firm on the desk.

Actual usage | Fnatic JET Review

The experience of using the Fnatic JET XD playmat is extremely satisfying for gamers who want a damn smooth experience. The holographic surface offers a great tactile feel and low friction, allowing for smooth mouse movements. Its unique feature of ensuring a smooth X/Y axis means mouse tracking is consistent and reliable in both directions, which is crucial for competitive gaming. We have not noticed any particular differences in the movements between the two axes.

We tested the mousepad with two different mice: the Logitech G502 X Lightspeed and the Endgame Gear XM1r, both of which have PTFE feet. In the titles tested, FPS such as Overwatch 2 stand out, but also titles where such precision is not required as in Diablo IV. The sensation was practically the same for both mice. In short words, it seems that the mouse is almost not resting on anything and you are moving it in the air. Obviously, this has its pros and cons. With low sensitivities we will be able to make large movements without the slightest effort. However, the lack of friction results in unwanted micro-movements in the phases where greater precision is needed. In our opinion, however, it is a matter of habit.

Having tested the more “bulky” version, we can say that, resting both forearms on the mat, this did not increase our sweating even though it is not glass or a rigid surface. And it is precisely here that, in our opinion, Fnatic JET stands out: the fact of being able to give a glass mat feeling when it comes to a fabric mat has numerous pros. First of all, it is comfortably transportable and, moreover, it does not give a bad feeling to our wrist that slips over it.

Let’s draw conclusions

Overall, the experience of using the Fnatic JET XD mat is extremely positive. It offers exceptional performance, comfort during use and an attractive, yet distinctive design. This mousepad is definitely recommended for gamers looking for the smoothest possible experience, without the mat putting any resistance to their movements. Because of this, Fnatic’s new playmat isn’t for everyone.

To buy Fnatic JET in its 4 variants you can click here!

Look mom, no mousepad

Plus points

  • Fluidity at the highest levels
  • Holographic surface with a particular design
  • Low profile seams
  • Water repellent

Points against

  • Holds way too many fingerprints
  • It’s not for everyone
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