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Food sustainability: the best applications on the App Store

Our food choices have a significant impact not only on our health, but also on the environment. Meal planning, in fact, plays a crucial role in reduction of food waste, contributing to the protection of our planet. With growing awareness about the importance of sustainability, trends like the cucina zero waste, vegan fast food and tasty alternatives to meat are directing the future of nutrition towards more responsible consumption. Here because App Store recommend us a list of applications oriented towards food sustainability.

Strategies for conscious consumption

Changing your eating habits can bring tangible benefits to the environment. Plan carefully, do your shopping consciously and using leftovers creatively are fundamental steps to minimize waste and enhance each ingredient. For example, turning overripe tomatoes into saucefreezing leftover bananas for smoothies or using no longer fresh vegetables in soups and stews are simple but effective practices for sustainable cooking.

The App Store suggests several applications to discover eco-friendly recipes and tricks for storing and reusing leftovers (and improving food sustainability). Among these, they stand out Acadè – Cooking courses, Half Lemons e Cortilia – Online Shopping.

Furthermore, for the month of April, the Sustainable Cooking Class in collaboration with CARE'sa project that unites food industry professionals committed to sustainable practices, to promote responsible culinary ethics, starting from the restaurant sector.

Food sustainability: app to explore the plant universe

For those looking for plant-based foods, the App Store recommends Planter, GialloZafferano: the Recipes e YAZIO: Calorie counter and Diet.

Planter, in particular, for the month of April, presents Green is the new black, a selection of cheap, delicious and nutritious vegan recipes, proving that vegetarianism doesn't have to cost a lot. Every Thursday, in the Explore section of Planteryou can find low-cost vegetable-based recipes.

Mindful Eating

Some apps recommended by the App Store can guide users towards greater mindfulness during meals, through programmed mindful eating.

Between these, Moleskine Journey Life Planner, Balance: Meditation & Sleep e Fabulous – Routine and well-being.Specifically, Moleskine Journey Life Planner introduced for April Mindful Eating: The Diarya program dedicated to conscious eating, to be completely present during the meal.

Fighting food waste with apps

Finally, to combat food waste, which according to the UNEP Food Waste Index represents 8 to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissionsthe App Store offers applications such as Too Good To Go: no to waste, oil and last minute at home,

These applications not only facilitate a transition towards more sustainable habits, but also offer the opportunity to actively participate in reducing environmental impact through informed daily choices.

Apps for the FutureApps for the Future

Finally Apple – in collaboration with the App Store – organized the event Apps for the Future. This – which consists of a series of meetings on the world of 100% Italian apps – will take place on the weekend of April 13th and 14thin Rome, at the Apple in location Via del Corsolocated at number 181-188 of the historic Roman street.

The event is free and open to anyone interested, upon registration via the official website.

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