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PowerWash Simulator x Warhammer 40.000 – La recensione

Of course, when you decided to join the death machine of The Untamed Crusaders you were hoping to experience the adrenaline rush of frenetic intergalactic combat. You didn't think you'd find yourself cleaning. But you know, it's a dirty job and someone has to do it. Now that someone is you, but don't worry, you might like it quite a bit. If reading this you think we've gone crazy, maybe you just don't know PowerWash Simulatorand the DLC dedicated to Warhammer 40,000 (of which today we offer you our review).

Let's start with the basics: what is PowerWash Simulator? Fair question for those who don't know the magnificent world of pressure washing simulators. In essence it is a video game developed by FuturLab, who prefers pressure washer pumps to the shotguns of the famous Battle Royale games. The game puts you in the shoes of a cleaner who has to cleanse the world of encrusted dirt, armed with soap, detergent and water pumps. To find out more about the game itself, we refer you to our review, since today we want to focus on one of the purchasable expansion content.

Yes, because one of the most interesting things about PowerWash Simulator is the possibility of cleaning up some of the videogame and cinema universes that we loved most. From the locations of Back to the Future to those of Final Fantasy (find the list of the best DLC of the game in our dedicated article).

In particular today we focus on the review of PowerWash Simulator – DLC Warhammer 40.000

Com’è PowerWash Simulator x Warhammer 40.000?

The Emperor is in a hurry to see his beauties back in battle, so let's get moving on that soap! The DLC takes us to the fearsome hangars of The Untamed Crusaders. A place full of terrible killing machines that, after the furious battles, need a good cleaning.

It is therefore up to us to arm ourselves with MKII Aqua-Santica Arquebus customized (described as “the perfect fusion between man and machine”) to make cruisers shine (and claim victims) again. In total the DLC includes 5 new objectives to complete, represented by as many vehicles to clean up. What will we have to descale? Here is a complete list:

  • Land Raider: The iconic Ultramarines ground vehicle from Warhammer 40,000. And as a dirt vehicle it's full of mud.
  • Redemptor Dreadnought: Perhaps the most iconic of the Space Marines' killing machines. We will have to climb to be able to reach the top of this armed behemoth of the Dark Angels.
  • Imperial Knight Paladin: mammoth like few things in the world. Among the most arduous (and satisfying) challenges of the PowerWash Simulator x Warhammer 40,000 DLC).
  • Rogal Dorn Battle Tank: an old-school tank from the Astra Militarum division, which will give us a lot of trouble with its tracked vehicles.
  • Thunderhawk. The real icing on the DLC cake. A huge space cruiser that doesn't even look clean. Spoiler: water alone won't be enough.

Different scenario, same dirt

Powerwash simulator Warhammer 40K DLC recensionePowerwash simulator Warhammer 40K DLC recensione

In addition to the vehicles in question, our character will also be immersed in the Warhammer universe. In fact, apart from the aforementioned futuristic MKII Aqua-Santica Arquebus pressure washer, we will receive themed gloves, skins and equipment. We will also be assigned a specific role, that of Obtained mechanic (a bombastic way of saying cleaner).

What remains unchanged is the gameplay: we will have to clean up, section by section, the individual portions of the gigantic encrusted vehicles, with the canonical (and very satisfying) bing sound at the end of each polished section. Cleaned up part follows financial compensation (with which to purchase various soaps and descalers). The function of the D-Pad is also unchangedwhich highlights the dirty parts still to be fixed.

We notice a small variation in theabsence of the classic ladders of the base game. In PowerWash Simulator x Warhammer 40,000 we will use some themed structures (also movable) to reach the highest parts of the colossi (such as theImperial Knight Paladinwhich will force us to climb several floors of stairs and fixed platforms).

The PowerWash Simulator x Warhammer 40,000 review

Basically, absolutely nothing changes in the game (except aesthetic customizations). It's the same PowerWash Simulator as always. However, if you are a fan of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, you will appreciate the attention to detail of the individual machines, including massive space cruisers and tracked tanks.

The size of the objects to be cleaned offers a important challenge, but the satisfaction in hearing that bing will repay the efforts made. As for the basic version the game is very careful not to be unnerving (except on rare occasions), taking a section for granted even if there is an imperceptible corner of unremoved dust.

One might say that is a DLC for fans only of the Warhammer universe – like all the crossovers proposed by PowerWash Simulator – giving players a different scenario in which to fight the same, stubborn, cursed dirt.

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