For Husqvarna, the future is wireless, even for lawnmowers

Per Husqvarna il futuro è senza fili, anche per i tagliaerba thumbnail

In 1995 Husqvarna AB launched its “turtle” solar lawnmower, the first to be fully automatic. Since then, the company has continued to innovate the industry by creating increasingly intelligent and independent products.
Two technologies testify to this. The first is AIM, the second EPOS.

AIM stands for Automower Intelligent Mapping and allows you to have ua faithful map of your plot. What is it for? It allows you to know where the robot is, where guides and boundaries are and above all to define how and when your lawn is cut, with different programming for different parts of the same terrain.

EMAIL instead it is the acronomic of Exact Positioning Operating System, a revolutionary technology that is currently available on commercial products. Basically it is about a satellite connection which allows Automower professional robotic lawnmowers to work within virtual borders. You will therefore not have to lay a long cable to delimit the perimeter and in addition you will have the possibility to ventilate or repair the turf without problems.

Now EPOS also arrives on consumer products. Well, not right now.
Husqvarna indeed explained that its next innovative robotic lawnmower will hit the market in 2023 and will be the first product intended for individuals to use both AIM technology and satellite connectivity.
Alongside it there will naturally be an application, with software that has been adapted and revised to suit the needs of individuals. Compared to professional products, which normally serve regular terrain such as football fields, golf courses or city parks, the next lawnmower will have to deal with much more complex situations, hence the time invested by the company to improve and test the EPOS system.

The product arriving in 2023 will also be equipped with a new technology for obstacle avoidance and accompanied by new accessories.
However, it is impossible to know more: the company did not show any image of the new entry and did not want to reveal other details about it.
All we know is that Husqvarna’s future will be wireless.

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