For its 20th anniversary ADATA launches new products!

ADATA will broadcast the “Xtreme Innovation” in live streaming. An online event for the presentation of new products on August 5th

ADATA, the manufacturer we have come to know for high performance DRAM modules and NAND Flash products, mainly dedicated to gaming and industrial solutions, will unveil a series of new products at its “Xtreme Innovation”.

This is the name of the event that will see it as the protagonist. The live live streaming will take place on August 5, 2021 (Taipei time, 11pm) and the latest products and solutions from ADATA and XPG, including SSD, moduli DRAM, memory cards, components and systems for PCs. The event will be hosted by Mera di XPG and coincides with ADATA’s 20th anniversary celebrations that will take place throughout 2021. But now let’s see what we know about the event.

For its 20th anniversary ADATA launches new products!

For its 20th anniversary ADATA launches new products!

The event can be followed through the youtube channel. MERA represents all gamers through its resilience in facing challenges and reaching goals. Loved by fans around the world and has become the focal point of the XPG brand. Witness his debut at ADATA’s online event.

It is not the first time that the Taiwanese manufacturer has organized such events to celebrate important milestones of the brand, such as when in May, it celebrated its first 20 years with various gift awards.

These are the words of ADATA;

We are proud to announce the launch of new products to coincide with the celebrations for ADATA’s 20th anniversary. The company has consistently continued to break the boundaries of innovation to improve people’s lives through technology. Looking to the future, we will continue to innovate with the “hummingbird spirit” as our driving force, a spirit characterized by agility and responsiveness. Our versatility has and will continue to infuse our brands and products with vitality and momentum

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