For one in four Italians, their smartphone deteriorates over time

For one in four Italians, their smartphone deteriorates over time

A survey conducted by Censuswide on behalf of HMD Global finds that for one in four Italians their smartphone deteriorates over time

Italians and smartphone manufacturers: a relationship that is not always plain sailing. This is the trend highlighted by a recent survey carried out by Censuswide on behalf of HMD Global, the home of telephones Nokia, who wanted to provide a more precise picture of the state of this ‘liaison’ in our country. Here, in summary, i more significant data.

Smartphones and manufacturers: lack of trust?

A quarter of Italians are convinced that their phone is destined to deteriorate over time and there are those who are even sure (10 percent) that smartphones are designed to stop working twelve months after purchase. It goes without saying that it derives from this a lack of confidence in a specific vendor, as reported by nearly half of respondents (48 percent).

Despite this, we are very conservative when it comes to smartphones. In fact, the majority change their device after more than two years. The main reasons? The phone stops running smoothly and all features slow down (64 percent), or you want more memory (28 percent).

“Nokia smartphones are helping to change the relationship between consumer and device, thanks to a commitment to ensure that the phone remains safe and fully functional beyond this time frame,” he says Alberto Colombo, General Manager of HMD Blog Italia. “The decision to adopt Android One ensures that all products in the portfolio can regularly guarantee two years of software updates and three years of security patches, allowing smartphones to always stay on top, improving over time. Consumers thus have the opportunity to enjoy a phone that feels like they have just been bought ”.

For one in four Italians, their smartphone deteriorates over time

The most considered purchase criteria

There are numerous criteria that lead to the purchase of a new smartphone (by the way, take a look at our guide to the best smartphone to buy). There are those who look at design or color, or who, like the most “geeks”, want the latest generation hardware to always enjoy maximum performance.

Cost of the device and operating system (both settled at 67 percent) represent the main purchasing criteria in our country. There battery life follows closely (65 percent), while camera quality (48 percent) and phone lifecycle (48 percent) are a little more spaced, but still considered by most respondents.

“HMD Global has chosen to focus on two fundamental factors: the duration of the device and the always updated operating system, to ensure that at the time of purchase we look at the phone as a device destined to accompany us for a long time, in the same way of a television or a washing machine ”, adds Colombo. “A recent Counterpoint research confirmed how HMD Global is the fastest and most effective vendor in releasing updates on its entire range of smartphones, testifying to the commitment we have made with the consumer. We want to establish a relationship of trust with the latter, which does not end when the phone is purchased. Our message must arrive loud and clear, those who want a smartphone destined to last should choose Nokia ”.