Ford continues with V8 petrol engines and develops them for Mustang

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Some car manufacturers are making the decision to abandon V8 engines in favor of 6-cylinder units, but the same cannot be said for Ford, in fact it develops V8 petrol engines for Mustang, making a completely different choice from its rivals

Unlike car companies like Chevrolet e Dodgelike many companies, look to the future with i electric engines, you can also understand it from this top list of the best electric cars, which coincidentally includes a Chevrolet car. Ford will develop instead V8 petrol engines for the Mustang, although always within the top of the range. According to a report from the US magazine Road & Track on what was declared by the American car company during the presentation of the 2024 sports programs, the sixth generation of the Mustang will continue to have the current Coyote 5.0 V8 also in the road sports car series.

Ford continues with V8 petrol engines and develops them for Mustang

Ford keeps the V8 petrol engines

This applies to the catalog offered by the Blue Oval regarding the activities on the track with the Mustang GT3the Dark Horse that runs inImsa and the super Mustang GTD da 300mila dollari with Transaxle transmission layout and redesigned suspension. All these will always have the V-shaped eight cylinders on the hood. The same Jim Farleythe CEO of Ford, stated that the Mustang was conceived with the very idea of V8 and it has always always been like this for all sixty years in which they proposed it on the automotive market.

Mustang will celebrate its 60th anniversary by coming here. Many of our competitors have left. They have come and gone. We have never done it. With Mustang we have always remained there.

The CEO, therefore, reassures us very much that the Ford will continue with V8 engines and this thing will never change, since it is a typical Mustang characteristic. We remind you that the company is also further developing theSix-cylinder EcoBoost which with overfeeding comes to 400 Cv. Farley concluded by saying that Ford is the only company in the world to make a V8 sports car accessible to everyone. Holy and confident words from a man who knows the company and confirms that this thing will never change.

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