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Ford Explorer New Hights: the 47 meter high climbing tower

What’s a Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid doing on top of the world’s tallest climbing tower? The answer is simple: the well-known car manufacturer aims to challenge the most daring climbers, presenting the OVER tower, 47 meters high.

A Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid atop the world’s tallest tower

It is certainly not a challenge for those suffering from vertigo that which Ford proposes to adventurers. The brand has in fact created the highest climbing tower in the world. In fact, with its 47 meters, the torre OVER it looks like an imposing architectural project, with a Plug-In Hybrid on top. The challenge, which was open until July 31, well represents the style of the brand, which focuses on dynamism and adventure.

The planning project lasted a good six months, to guarantee all the necessary security measures. For the occasion, Ford collaborated with Martin Mobråten, climbing champion, who helped the designers to create a stimulating route for the users of OVER. In fact, climbing involves challenging obstacles, capable of putting even the most experienced climbers in difficulty. The Explorer Plug-In Hybrid will remain on top of the OVER tower until August 27th. Until then all visitors will be able to get a limited edition t-shirt as a gift and take a photo. Don’t worry: it will also be possible to reach the top using the stairs!

The challenge was won by a 22-year-old who climbed the tower in less than 4 minutes

The OVER tower is located in Lillesand, in southern Norway, and stands out imposingly showing all its 47 meters in height. The summit is so high that reaching it you can admire the Skagerrak channel, which separates Norway from neighboring Denmark. All 4 sides are scalable and made of solid wood, and adventurers have challenged each other to reach the top in the shortest possible time.

The 22-year-old Leo Ketil Bøe, from Bergen, clinched the victory, finishing the thrilling climb in 3 minutes and 33 seconds. The young Norwegian was thus awarded the lease of the Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid and a special 3D printed trophy that reproduces the OVER tower in 1: 100 scale.

Ford Explorer Plug-In Hybrid: the SUV that reaches new heights

The most powerful Ford hybrid vehicle on the European market combines an EcoBoost petrol engine, a 13.6 kWh battery and an electric motor. This is capable of generating 457hp of power and 825Nm of torque, to ensure acceleration that takes the vehicle from 0 to 100km / h in just 6.0 seconds. Little more than Leo Ketil Bøe took to climb the tower. The vehicle has a towing capacity of up to 2,500kg with a 42km (WLTP) range on fully electric power. The intelligent all-wheel drive system and the Terrain Management System, which adapts to all types of terrain thanks to seven driving modes. The SUV is therefore perfect for moving on any surface, from motorways to stony dirt roads, through mud, snow and sand, and guarantees adult passengers maximum comfort thanks to the three rows of seats.

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