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Ford Fiesta 2022, the restyling brings a new nose, more hybrid and goodbye diesel

After almost 4 years of career, it is also time for Ford Fiesta to redo her makeup. The compact more pleasant to drive in fact needed an injection of technology and quality to be able to fight with the new, fierce rivals. And indeed a revamped Ford Fiesta will arrive in 2022: Sara more technological, it will have more electrified engines and will greet the 1.5 Ecoblue turbodiesel. Also on an aesthetic level it will change, losing the Aston Martin-style grille for a more personal and aggressive look. But let’s see together the news of Ford Fiesta for 2022.

The aesthetic changes are only at the front: from 2022, Ford Fiesta will lose the “Aston Martin” grille, and will have the Blue Oval in the center

If usually, in mid-career restylings, the manufacturers do not modify their models excessively this time the cosmetic changes that have been made to the Ford Fiesta ahead of 2022 are important. Let’s start with what doesn’t change, namely the side and rear view. The seventh generation of Fiesta has convinced a lot from an aesthetic point of view, so the sporty but elegant lines, the horizontal rear lights to emphasize the width and the dynamic and streamlined side do not change. There is also the option to choose Fiesta with 3 or 5 doors, increasingly rare in a world of 5 doors and SUVs.

Behind the headlights are Full LED as standard, with a dark finish as standard and a glossy black finish on the most equipped versions, as well as the full LED headlights from the base model become standard on the front. The finish here too is dark on the more modest versions and Premium Black on the top of the range, but more Matrix LED technology also appears on request, first prerogative of the Opel Corsa alone. Ifari are also thinner, slightly smaller and more parallel to the ground, changing the physiognomy of the front a bit. And it is right in front that there are the most important changes.

The front in fact it loses the thin and wide chrome grille in Aston Martin style on the more elegant versions and sporty and aggressive on the more sporty ST Line and ST versions. The “Aston” grille had been a prerogative of the House for almost 10 years, since it was introduced on the mid-career restyling of the sixth series Fiesta in 2013. In its place, now, is a bigger and wider honeycomb grille, and the same for all versions, from Titanium to ST. The new grille is also highest, as well as the entire nose of the car growing in height. The reason? Improve car crash test scores against pedestrians. More, the Ford logo has been moved from the top of the front bumper to the center of the grille, just like in the latest creations from the Dearborn House.

In general, therefore, Ford Fiesta for 2022 presents itself with the great aesthetic characteristics that have made it appreciated, and with the addition of really performing and standard headlights throughout the range. The renewed front, however, does not convince me completely. Just the grille was that detail that everyone liked, especially on the sports versions. Before, however, it was really beautiful and aggressive, especially in the ST-Line or ST version, losing aggression in the versions with chrome grille. Aggressiveness is now standard on all models, making the car even more recognizable as a Ford at first glance. I still have to get used to it, but surely the Ford Fiesta 2022 will still be beautiful and eye-catching too. And you? What do you think? Does this new front convince you? Let me know in the comments.

A restyling in the name of technology: Ford Fiesta 2022 adds new technologies to the interior and for active safety

If Ford Fiesta has changed a lot outside, inside it apparently remained the same. The dashboard has in fact remained unchanged, as well as the central infotainment system, which always houses the good Sync3 system and with a maximum diagonal of 8 inches. Then there is the pad for wireless charging of the mobile phone, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay (still via cable), and two novelties: a rear view camera with 180 ° vision and the warning for any passengers remaining seated behind.

The interior space remains unchanged, as well as the materials, the steering wheel and the driving position, already of an excellent level. However, there is a nice integration, which comes straight from the younger models such as Focus and Puma, made the latter on the same platform as Fiesta. In fact, let’s talk about the excellent 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, which works well, is clear and quite customizable. But it is not the only injection of technology inside the cabin: it is indeed FordPass Connect is available as standard. This is the 4G modem integrated into the car, which allows you to have a Wi-Fi connection while traveling but above all to be able to communicate with the car and command the opening of the doors or control its parameters simply from the FordPass app. .

But the technology doesn’t stop there. The Ford Fiesta also arrives Adaptive Cruise Control, which on versions with automatic transmission comes to a standstill and then starts again autonomously. In addition, we have the active parking assistant, the blind spot sensor, the automatic emergency braking and the lane maintainer. All these technologies lead to one level 2 autonomous driving, and there is also room for one absolute novelty. Is called Wrong Way Alert, and uses images from a front camera and navigator information together to figure out if you are taking one road or a motorway junction in the wrong direction. In that case, the car will emit an acoustic and visual signal to let you notice the very dangerous error.

The mechanics of Ford Fiesta: 2022 doubles the mild hybrid, but goodbye to diesel, less powerful versions and LPG. And the TS is now more vigorous

We close this examination of the Ford Fiesta restyling by talking about the mechanics. The main changes in fact concern the engine range, which has been revised in an important way. For 2022, in fact, Ford Fiesta doubles its mild hybrid offer offering two power levels of its 1.0 EcoBoost Hybrid. Together with the 125 HP version, which we have already seen on the pre-restyled version, Fiesta will now also offer the 1.0 with a whopping 155 hp, the same seen on Puma and Focus. Recall that it is a mild hybrid version, or equipped with a 48V electrical system and a small electric motor from a handful of HP, which acts as an alternator, starter motor and a hand in acceleration to the small millino.

And never like this time, the three-cylinder turbo EcoBoost will be the star of the Ford Fiesta range for 2022. For the moment in fact there will be no 1.1 75 bhp petrol or LPG versions, and the 1.5 EcoBlue also greets the company. The turbodiesel was actually no longer available in the Fiesta range for about a year, but now it is the abandonment of diesel engines is official. The “normal” offer will therefore focus on the 1.0 EcoBoost, available both as a mild hybrid and in petrol only version. In this form, it will offer 100 o 125 CV, with the latter also available with 7-speed dual-clutch Powershift automatic transmission.

Let’s calm the petrolheads between you: don’t worry, the ST is still here. For her, the cosmetic changes are the same as those used on regular Fiestas, including the large grille with the Ford logo in the center. Inside the seats will be revised to offer even more support. The engine, on the other hand, remains the 1.5 EcoBoost three-cylinder with 200 hp, coupled to the 6-speed manual gearbox only, but now the torque increases from 290 to 320 Nm. A modification tested on the more voluminous Puma ST, and which arrives on the hilarious Hot Hatch. Highly recommended the Quaife mechanical self-locking differential, optional, which makes this ST a real beast. And the performance have remained almost identical: 0-100 km / h in 6.5 seconds and 230 km / h maximum speed. For the more whimsical, then, the very green also arrives on Fiesta ST Mean Green seen on the Puma ST: really aggressive.

A new top-of-the-range set-up, and arriving on the market from the beginning of next year

We therefore have all the news of the renewed Ford Fiesta. New front, more internal technology, top-level ADAS and all turbo engines, with two lightweight hybrid choices. Is that all there is? There would be one last news, actually. With 2022, Ford Fiesta will debut one new line-up of fittings. The basic version now it is no longer called Plus, but Trend, followed by the average Titanium, the sporty ST-Line and the Active, higher and with off-road aesthetics. At the top of the range, on the other hand, there will be the competing Titanium X and ST-Line X, which bring a higher level of equipment with a more elegant or sportier setting respectively.

And the Vignale? The very luxurious Vignale version does not disappear, but it is declined in an optional Pack for the Titanium X and ST-Line X versions. The Vignale Pack adds specific 17 or 18-inch wheels, Sensico synthetic leather seats and matte carbon fiber finishes. At the chassis level or concerning suspensions, steering or the like, there were no further innovations. We’re sure, though, that the 2022 version of the Ford Fiesta has kept that driving fun and involvement too which make it one of the most pleasant B-Segments to drive, not only in the ST version.

When will this revamped Fiesta hit the market? The date scheduled for European launch is atearly next year, and the prices should not deviate from the approx 19,500 euros starting for a current 100 HP 1.0 EcoBoost petrol engine. This restyling therefore bridges the technological gap that the younger rivals had placed between them and the compact of the Oval. Between the new full LED or Matrix LED headlights, hybrid engines and the increase in technology, there are so many things that can make Fiesta even more attractive. We are really curious to put it to the test between curves and in everyday life. And you? What do you think? Do you like the restyling of Ford Fiesta? Let us know below in the comments – it’s your time.

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