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Ford Focus 2022, modern restyling and lots of technology

La Ford Focus 2022 has been officially unveiled, and offers several news on several fronts. Starting from the aesthetic aspect, on the outside the new roof stands out which increases the height of the front and guarantees greater visual presence. In this front area, the US company has also opted for the relocation of the oval logo, now positioned in the center of the upper grille.

News also with regard to the lighting sector: the entire range offers i new projectors with LED technology, which also integrate the fog lights. In the case of the five-door body and station wagon versions, these feature a tinted taillight lens (for a more elegant appearance), while the standard LED headlights now they are based on a new ring design that makes this component more attractive.

Each of the fittings and special versions has small design nuances that distinguish them from the rest. For the serie Connected e Titanium Ford has thought of a large upper grille with a bright chrome bezel, distinguished by its sturdy horizontal bars and combined with the side air intakes that flow from the lower grille. In addition, the Titanium version stands out by offering a hot chrome finish on the upper grille bars. The sportier version ST-Line stands out for a trapezoidal top grille supported by a glossy black honeycomb finish along with wider side vents. To these is added and a deeper lower grill. The sporty appearance of the ST-Line versions is completed with side skirts, a diffuser and a small rear spoiler, tinted Mean Green, 18 ″ and 19 ″ alloy wheels e Ford Performance sports seats.

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Finally, the version Active strengthens its adventurous image with another set of specific elements, such as a wider upper grille that features more consistent vertical planking courses and a deeper lower grille and taller side vents. These complement the high ride height and black body trim.

Ford Focus 2022, new equipment and innovations also at the engine level

The technology on board is without doubt one of the great innovations in the oval brand update. It starts fromintegration of the new multimedia infotainment system, which includes GPS navigator and 4th generation SYNC 4 connectivity. This new evolution of the multimedia system has several improvements, such as, for example, one navigation connected to the cloud and a new voice control with commands and words using natural language. In the SYNC 4 system, the large base is supported by the new horizontal central screen more than now reaches 13.2 inches. according to Ford, the new screen offers more intuitive operation, and from it you can access multiple functions of the vehicle’s entertainment and information system. In addition the SYNC 4 system also allows wireless software updates with new Ford Power-Up technology.

ford focus 2022

With regard to security systems e driving assistance at Ford Focus 2022 now offers the sistema Blind Spot Assist, improved with a new function: in addition to checking and monitoring the driver’s blind spot for vehicles approaching from behind, it can apply a slight counter-steering to warn the driver and advise against a lane change maneuver in the face of imminent danger of collision.

Three driving modes offered in all models, namely Normal, Sport ed Eco which increase according to the versions. Between these “Slippery“, For those who choose the Active model, which allows greater grip on uneven and slippery surfaces, or”Track”Proposed in the ST version which enhances its performance.

Finally, there are also news regarding the engines part. The main big change in the update of this compact is the ability to combine in versions 1.0 EcoBoost 125 and 155 hp petrol with 48V micro-hybrid technology seven-speed Powershift automatic transmission . Thanks to this new combination, the North American company announces an average consumption starting from 5.2 l/100 km , with an emission level of 117 g / km of CO2. The versions mentioned can also be combined with a six-speed manual gearbox. In this case, the official average consumption drops slightly to 5.1 l / 100 km and the emissions level to 115 g / km of CO2.

The Focus 2022 range of petrol engines also includes the 1.0 EcoBoost versions of 100 and 125 HP without 48V mild-hybrid system. For those who prefer the diesel, will continue to be available on 1.5 EcoBlue engine in 95 and 120 HP powers.

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