Ford introduces Exit Warning, a technology to prevent accidents with cyclists and motorcyclists

Ford introduce Exit Warning, una tecnologia per prevenire incidenti con ciclisti e motociclisti thumbnail

To reduce the risk of such accidents and make roads safer, Ford developed the new technology Exit Warning, available on the new Ford Transit Custom. The system uses radar and sensors to identify oncoming bicycles, scooters and motorcycles. It warns the driver of their presence and the risk of a collision by opening the door.

Ford Exit Warning technology, how it works

When the system detects a risk situation, LED indicators on the rear-view mirrors light up outside. While inside, an audible signal is played and a warning is shown on the dashboard. To avoid unnecessary activation, the system only activates when other road users exceed 7 kilometers per hour.

The Exit Warning works on both sides of the vehicle. This is particularly useful, for example, in cases where the driver or other occupants exit the vehicle on the passenger side near a cycle path parallel to the road.

The new Transit Custom was recently named International Van of the Year 2024 with the current version of the best-selling one-tonne commercial vehicle in Europe.

The tecnologia Exit Warning it is also available on the new Tourneo Custom multi-activity vehicle. For which the protection extends to passengers exiting through the sliding side doors. Exit Warning will also be available on the new all-electric Ford Explorer crossover and other Ford vehicles during 2024. Safety authority Euro NCAP also takes devices such as Exit Warning into account when assigning vehicle ratings.

Technology against road accidents

This technology was introduced because a frequent cause of accidents in the city is collisions with bicycles, scooters or motorcycles. When the driver opens the door without realizing their arrival. Every year, in England, Wales and Scotland only, more than 500 people are injured in such scenarios, and many incidents of this type are not even reported.

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