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Ford Italia explains how to become a “Game Changer”

Ford Italia launches the weekly column on social networks Be A Game Changer Storiesto value your support for tournaments Nitto ATP Finals 2022 e San Paolo Next Gen ATP Finals. The CEO of Ford Italy Fabrizio Faltoni began by telling how the iconic Mustang del ’64 has changed the game, to arrive at the electric breakthrough of the brand.

Ford Italia: Be A Game Changer

Becoming a Game Changer it means reinterpreting the rules of the game and creating something new. Faltoni explains that throughout his history, Ford has done it several times. But one of the most iconic passages is undoubtedly that of the Mustang del ’64, which marked the birth of the pony car: the sports car. A disruptive design and the bold V8 engine, which embodies the spirit of freedom in a car.

With Mustang, the sports car comes within everyone’s reach, bringing the love of driving to an area appreciated by the general public. This is why Ford is keen to associate the name Mustang with the brand’s first electric car Mustang Mach-E.

The new Mustang Mach-E has a zero-emission engine capable of roading up to 600 kilometers with a single recharge, while offering a fun and performing yet sustainable drive.

Almost sixty years later, a one-of-a-kind Mustang returns, one that not only has a clean engine but also has next-level cloud connectivity. Ford has invested $5 billion in electric power in 2022, another 5 last year. Because by 2023 it wants to produce 600,000 EVs. To then get to two million in 2026 and 50% of models in 20230.

In Europe it has invested two billion for the Electrification Center of Coloniato then transform the plants of Craiova in Romania, Valencia in Spain and Kocaeli in Turkey.

With these investments, the three pillars from Ford’s Game Changer become Mustang, Transit e F-150 Lightning, the latter present in Turin. For increasingly sustainable mobility.

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