Ford Kuga is the best-selling plug-in hybrid: the Black Package arrives

Ford Kuga è l'ibrido plug-in più venduto: arriva il Black Package thumbnail

In the first half of 2022, Ford Kuga is Europe’s best-selling plug-in hybrid, confirming last year’s success: to celebrate launches the Black Package for all engines of Kuga ST-Line X.

Ford Kuga is the best-selling plug-in of the first half of 2022

Last year it had already received the award as the best-selling PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) in the first six months of the year. And this year it repeats its success. Indeed Ford in Europe sold 23,000 Kuga Plug-In Hybrid. Which are the 28% more than to its direct competitor in the industry.

Glen GooldFord Kuga, Vehicle Line Director, comments: “We know that many of our customers wishing to abandon the traditional petrol or diesel car are not yet ready to take the pure electric route and the fact that the Kuga Plug-In Hybrid is the best-selling PHEV in Europa, demonstrates that this type of power supply is the choice made by many customers. Cars like the Kuga Plug-In Hybrid are a key part of Ford’s commitment to transitioning to an electrified future. “

The engine of this car allows you to have an electric range of 57-67 km WLTP nel cycle mixed with the 71-88 km WLTP in the city cycle. In this way, you can travel without emissions. The power consumption of 14,4-15/9 kWh/100 km in the WLTP cycle it is really low.

But the drivers are left with the flexibility of petrol for tlonger ratios, also by balancing the two propulsions in an intelligent way to consume as little as possible.

To celebrate these excellent results, the new Black Package arrives for all Kuga ST-Line X engines. To complete the range of colors, you will find a contrasting black roof and a black finish for the mirror caps, the front fascia air intakes and the rear spoiler.

In addition, Ford has also refinished the ST-Line badge and the Kuga lettering on the tailgate in black, as well as the 20-inch alloy wheels. You can find these new details on all engines of the Kuga ST-Line X.