Ford crea una fragranza per i nostalgici della benzina che scelgono l'elettrica thumbnail

Ford produces the gasoline scent for the nostalgic who drive electric

Buying an electric car has no particular disadvantages, if not one. No, we are not talking about charging stations or autonomy. We are talking about that beautiful fragrance of petrol, as unhealthy as it is pleasant, which intoxicated the cockpit with every refueling. For nostalgics like me, don’t worry: Ford has created a petrol perfume.

Ford and the perfume with the essence of… gasoline

No need to pretend, we’ve all done it. Who has never thought that the smell of gasoline was beautiful? Of course, I don’t think you need any special studies to attest that maybe it’s not really a healthy fragrance. However, for the nostalgic like me, Ford created a premium fragrance. The product is aimed at those who wish to experience the performance of the new one Mustang Mach-E GT fully electric, but still retain a predilection for the evocative smells of traditional petrol cars.

In a survey commissioned by Ford, one in five motorists said that the smell of gasoline is the element they would miss the most when shifting to an electric vehicle. In addition, at least 70% say that, to some extent, they would miss the smell of gasoline. The latter has also been classified as a more popular smell than both wine and cheese and almost on the same level as the smell of new books.

Mach-Eau: born to please the wearer’s nose

The new fragrance was created to accompany this category of motorists in a future guide through their sense of smell. Rather than just prefer the smell of gasoline, Mach-Water it was born to please the nose of anyone who wears it; a high-end fragrance that blends a smoky aroma, notes that evoke the smell of rubber and also an element reminiscent of the animal world, as a reference to the Mustang heritage.

Ford revealed the fragrance during the Goodwood Festival of Speed, an annual event that attracts motoring enthusiasts from all over the world. The perfume, which is not available for purchase, is part of a project Ford is pursuing to dispel myths about electric cars and convince traditional car enthusiasts about the potential of this alternative.

How Ford created the fragrance

The Mach-Eau fragrance comes from the synergy with the renowned company Olfiction. The contribution of Pia Long, Associate Perfumer of the British Society of Perfumers, who has worked on creating fragrances for some of the most famous perfume brands. To recreate the typical smell of benzaldehyde, the experts found that this is very similar to that of almonds. Also present is para-cresol, a key note for creating the rubbery smell of tires. These were mixed with ingredients such as blue ginger, lavender, geranium and sandalwood. This is to give a metallic, smoky and further rubbery accent

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