Ford will notify vehicle owners in the event of theft

Ford avviserà i proprietari dei veicoli in caso di furto thumbnail

Ford announces the introduction of Connected Theft Assistance. This service will be accessible through the app FordPass and will allow customers to protect their car by providing assistance 24 hours a day in the event of vehicle theft. Once the vehicle has been stolen, the owner can contact a dedicated call center which will activate searches to trace the vehicle. In this way, the chances of recovery by law enforcement will increase.

Ford launches a new connected assistance service to recover the vehicle in the event of theft

Ford’s Connected Theft Assistance Service will be available initially su Mustang Mach-E GT. After that, the service will come extended to other vehicles in the Ford range. Note that connected assistance in the event of theft is available within the Ford Secure subscription package1.

This package, available with a free trial period, it will be extended to several European countries starting in 2022. The FordPass app will alert the vehicle owner in the event of an unauthorized or unforeseen action of the vehicle. In this way, directly from the app, the owner can start the process for reporting the theft, eliminating the time needed to notify the police.

Ford’s comment

Charles Nolan, Manager of Retail Connectivity Solutions di Ford Enterprise Connectivity, he declares: “Nobody wants to think about the consequences that the theft of their vehicle can cause. The Connected Theft Assistance service provides a high level of detection of a theft attempt, on-call support to help the police track and locate the vehicle, increasing the likelihood of recovery and supporting our customers should the worse”