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Forspoken: How to Unlock Fast Travel (a… quick guide!)

Forspoken’s journey is long and tortuous, but not necessarily if you know how to make it a little faster: we explain how to teleport

Now that our review of The prophesied is available, if you have convinced yourself to play with our first basic guide and preliminary information about the game, you may be intrigued by the fast travel. For all players, fast travel is a real worry: a large world to explore can be intimidating, on the other hand. And although the idea of ​​an open world to sift through today is worth buying a game by itself, the line between adventure and drudgery tends to be quite blurred. In this sense, we would have a premise to make regarding the viability in the latest effort by Square-Enix.

In case you had any doubts about it, yes: traveling on foot in the game world requires (with all the parkour involved) a lot of time and just as much effort. Frey has no transportation to get from one area to another. In other words, fast travel is a very basic need, as it can help even players with the worst sense of direction (present!) to plumb the various ravines of Athia. The puzzles to solve, the sealed labyrinths, the cities to free and the chests to open are certainly not few. We joined forces with the concerned reviewer once again and here is what came out…

You are interested in the point of interest – Forspoken, a guide to fast travel

For fast travel, Forspoken players must take advantage of unlocked Pilgrim Havens. The same also applies to the Bell Towers visible on the map. Before that, however, you also need to have completed the first two chapters of the story. After leaving the city of Cipal behind in the third chapter, you will find yourself on a journey into nature. This tour consists of His father’s research: these five words will soon be familiar to you, since it is none other than the main quest of the game. Don’t worry, though: you won’t have to undertake any side missions.

During the adventure at the heart of the game’s plot, Frey will stumble upon his first Pilgrim’s Refuge. In this location, the disoriented protagonist will have the opportunity to create tools, to improve her magical skills, to restore her health and to upgrade her equipment. Normally this would be good news in itself, but (similar to Area Zero in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet) each shelter tends to be surrounded by tools. And you certainly don’t want to leave objects there, given the likelihood that they can come in handy, do you?

Forspoken: How to Unlock Fast Travel (A Guide… Quick!)

Of the real diaries, “that Stanford Pines get off their own” – Forspoken, guide to fast travel

We know what you’re thinking: you’ve played Dark Souls and you still have post-traumatic stress disorder at the idea of ​​finding a basic feature like fast travel only halfway through the adventure. No, you have nothing to fear: all you have to do is embark on the quest in question (we couldn’t resist) to get to the longed-for function. Follow the mission His father’s research and everything will be fine. In this quest (and we didn’t do it on purpose) you will have to leave the city of Cipal, find the diaries of Auden’s father and bring them back to her. But that’s just the context; you are here for the flab.

Well, right after you find a Blessing Fountain you will also stumble upon your first one Pilgrim refuge. The first will reward you with one of the spells that we have already had the opportunity to dissect among our advice. For its part, the second will yield you exactly what you are looking for. The question is: how to recognize it? Each Refuge is accessible by entering the inn. If this tip isn’t enough for you, never mind: in any case, the legend of the game wants every house icon on the map it corresponds to a Pilgrim Refuge. You have made a bingo!

Forspoken: How to Unlock Fast Travel (A Guide… Quick!)

“Almost almost, Quasimodo!”

We applaud all the Ramarri Rosa among you who have grasped the quote, before answering the final question: what about the Bell Towers? To unlock their teleportation functions, bell towers require you to first reach their center. Upon doing so, the surrounding area will be scanned, also giving the player the location of various villages, Pilgrim’s Havens, resources, monuments, chests and Sealed Labyrinths within range of the unlocked section of the map. In other words, nothing too dissimilar to what has already been seen in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild, right?

The narrative context, however, is a bit different. These towers were once points of interest by which Pilgrims could find their way home. The bell at the top, in turn, was used to make a tam tam in case of danger. But you’re here for something else: does it work for teleportation? Not if you ignore the tower or just walk past it. In reverse, need to scan with Cuff to unlock it as a functional teleporter. So be thorough enough as you explore Athia: fast travel rewards only those who are willing to take the ritual trek at least once!

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