Il nuovo gioco di Tomb Raider sarà pubblicato da Amazon Games thumbnail

Amazon is working on a Tomb Raider TV series and movie

Amazon is working on a Tomb Raider TV series and movie thumbnail

The Hollywood Reporter stated that Amazon is developing one TV series based on the video game franchise Tomb Raider with scripts written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. But apparently that’s not all: later, Deadline confirmed the news of the TV series and added that also a new Tomb Raider movie is in progress at the Amazon Studios.

Amazon is working on a Tomb Raider TV series and movie

Tomb Raider Unreal Engine 5

The details on these new adaptations of Tomb Raider they are scarce. However THR states that the Waller-Bridge Sara Writer e executive producer of the showbut she won’t be the protagonist. Apparently the series is still under developmentso we’ll have to wait quite a while before seeing it.

This new series and this film could be further adaptations of video game franchises for Amazon, which in December announced the making of a television series of God of War. At the same time he also scores a further investment by Amazon in the Tomb Raider franchise, as the company has announced it will also publish the next Tomb Raider game from Crystal Dynamics. Amazon at the moment he didn’t answer to a request for comment.

Video game adaptations are having a very successful period: Cyberpunk: Edgerunners of Netflix was a hit while The Last of Us of HBO it was just renewed for a second season after just two episodes.

However, Amazon’s Tomb Raider adaptations will have to compete with many other gaming media in the works. Netflix is ​​indeed making a series about Horizon Zero DawnPeacock is developing a show about Twisted Metal while Sony’s film on Grand Touring will debut theAugust 11th.

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