Forspoken: postponement in sight?

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According to a leak, the Square Enix exclusive for PC and PS5, Forspoken, could be postponed and its release would no longer be scheduled for May

The month of March is certainly very busy for Square Enix, given the releases of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, Triangle Strategy, Chocobo GP e Babylon’s Fall. For all the games, the weeks leading up to the launch were characterized by a good deal of promotional material and information. Precisely for this reason it is quite strange that one of the most anticipated exclusive thunderstorms, such as the Forspoken di Luminous Productions has not received the same treatment, seen the release set for May. Precisely for this reason a rumor has begun to run according to which the title would have suffered a postponement.

Forspoken at risk of postponement?

To bring out doubts about the actual release of the title Square Enixthe leaker AccountNGTwho recently posted a post on Twitter referencing the slippage of some exclusive consolesand how 2022 should be a big year for users PlayStation, given that the return of some historical IPs. The latter, among other things, are among the rumored protagonists of the streaming event scheduled for this month.

By answering a question in the post, AccountNGT however, he went into more detail, confirming that according to his sources among the exclusive postponements there would be the titolo Luminous Productions. And the official communication should be released on the occasion of the next one State of Play.

The hypothesis referral for Forspoken, therefore, it would not be too surprising, also considering that the most full-bodied gameplay reveal dates back to last December. The occasion was used to take a first look at a certainly vast open world with an important scenic impact, but marred by a frame rate that is certainly not flawless.

To find out if the game will meet the next deadline May 24or not, at this point our advice is to stay in the company of, to always be informed about everything related to the world of video games.

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