Forspoken: The best skills to unlock

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In this guide you will find all the best skills to unlock on Forspoken, the new action RPG from Luminous Productions and Square Enix

After a long wait all the fans of Square Enix e Luminous Production can finally get their hands on The prophesiedtheir new action RPG. In this title you will take control of a protagonist capable of using a large number of skills different, but obviously you won’t have them all right away.

Some players like to play games without any hints but others want to try to be the most efficient possible from the very first hours of the game. To meet this category of gamers we have therefore decided to write this guide, where you can find the best skills to unlock on Forspoken.

A Sea of ​​Powers – Forspoken: The best skills to unlock

At the beginning of your adventure Frey will only have an initial skill tree, but as you progress through the Forspoken story, you’ll unlock even better ones. Each of these skill trees has a specific name but, to avoid spoilersin this article we will refer to them using the main element that represents them. In this way, even players who are still at the beginning of the adventure will be able to read without the risk of ruining the experience.

Forspoken: The best skills to unlock

Earth Magic – Forspoken: Best skills to unlock

The first skill tree you can draw from is that of terra. The powers of this category are very balanced and often involve using rocks to both attack opponents and protect yourself from blows. In general, almost all the skills of this skill tree are very good, but the most powerful ones and which you will have to try to unlock as soon as possible are the following:

  • branch
    • This skill will allow you to use a sort of root to hit all enemies that are in the immediate vicinity of Frey, at the same time restoring life points based on the damage inflicted. Unfortunately, this move isn’t particularly powerful, but it’s perfect for keeping large groups of creatures at bay in the early stages of the game.
  • Multiple Axes Lv. 3
    • Thanks to this power you can shoot a continuous burst of rocks or a single very powerful loaded shot. This attack is hands down one of the best ranged abilities in the game and will allow you to take on both flying and ranged enemies with ease.
  • Explosive Rock Lv. 3
    • Basically Sassata Explosiva is the opposite of Sassata Multipla. In fact, this ability will allow you to perform a powerful short-range attack that will hit all targets in a large area in front of Frey. If an enemy should get too close to you, thanks to this power you can get rid of them in an instant.
  • Barrier
    • Barrier is a simple passive spell that will allow you to defend yourself from enemy blows by surrounding yourself with rocks. If you have difficulty dodging some attacks, this power could come in very handy.

Forspoken: The best skills to unlock

Fire Magic – Forspoken: Best skills to unlock

Many people might associate the magic of fire to very powerful offensive spells but in Forspoken it’s not like that at all. In fact, this skill tree is mainly characterized by the presence of some extremely comfortable movement skills. Of course there are also some good offensive spells but, compared to those of other trees, you will not find yourself using them very often. Below you can find the best fire skills to unlock:

  • Ascent
    • This parkour technique will allow you to jump on a wall twice, thus allowing you to easily reach higher points. In battle this skill won’t have many applications but it’s perfect for when you’re exploring the game world and don’t feel like going around some obstacles.
  • I snap
    • Dash is another very useful movement skill that you can use while running to get a dose of extra speed. Each time you use this technique your stamina will regenerate, thus allowing you to move much faster and for much longer.
  • Driving stop
    • This skill will allow you to lure more enemies to you by immediately switching to moves from this skill tree. By itself this technique is not particularly powerful, but it can be chained perfectly to other attacks.
  • Arc Cut Lv. 3
    • Of all the skills you can perform after Driving Arrest, Arc Slash is certainly the most devastating. Thanks to this technique, in fact, you will be able to launch a lethal circular slash that will greatly damage all enemies around Frey.

Forspoken: The best skills to unlock

Water Magic – Forspoken: Best skills to unlock

Now the time has come to move on to the magic ofwater. Skills of this type are able to apply to your character buff very useful but can also be used offensively to incapacitate enemies. Below you will find the best water spells to use in combat:

  • Electrifying jump
    • This technique will allow Frey to take flight and instantly fill his entire reserve of water bullets. Like Driving Stop, this move can also always be used regardless of the type of skill you are using, and in addition it will also allow you to immediately switch to water magic.
  • planned
    • Seemingly Glide might seem like a useless skill to you, but it actually has a lot of applications. In fact, this technique will allow you to slow down your fall, thus allowing you to throw yourself from great heights without the risk of running out of stamina.
  • Move on
    • Wave is one of the most useful water offensive abilities ever. In fact, this spell will allow you to create a large barrier of water around your character to throw back all enemies within its range.
  • You know
    • With this support magic you can create an armor of ice that drastically reduces the damage of a single piercing or unblockable blow. If you are facing a very powerful enemy and you are having difficulty, this spell will surely be able to make a difference.

Forspoken: The best skills to unlock

Light Magic – Forspoken: The best skills to unlock

Finally, let’s move on to the skill tree dedicated to the spells of luce. Spells of this type are absolute the best in the game and they are great for both attacking and healing. Once you have access to this skill tree it is important to unlock the best skills as soon as possible, as they will be essential for tackling Forspoken’s toughest challenges. Below you can find the best light spells to unlock:

  • Snappy metamorphosis
    • Obviously also in this skill tree you will find a power similar to Electrifying Leap and Driving Stop. In fact, Snapping Metamorphosis can be used at any time and will allow you to quickly switch to light spells while you teleport behind the enemies, attacking them at the same time with numerous bullets.
  • Sublimation
    • This healing magic will allow you to absorb life force from your surroundings to slowly recover life points. If you are low on healing this technique will allow you to get back on your feet easily.
  • duress
    • With this magic you will be able to create three floating mines that will generate huge and powerful explosions. To trigger one of these bombs, just bring an enemy closer, but if you want you can also detonate them manually by hitting them with any attack.
  • Pulsating Lightning Lv. 3
    • Basically all the spells in this skill tree are very strong, but Pulsating Lightning has the advantage of being available right away. This attack will allow you to devastate enemies with lethal projectiles of light and, as if that weren’t enough, you won’t even be forced to aim directly at them to hit them.

Forspoken: The best skills to unlock

Conquer Athia!

This concludes our guide on the best Forspoken skills. Now there is nothing left to do but start your adventure in the world of Athia and defeat every threat thanks to the most effective spells in the game.

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