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Ubisoft: Two new games in the Far Cry series due out in 2025

Far Cry will return and, in all likelihood, will do so in 2025 with two new games coming out, according to Tom Henderson. Let’s find out all the details in this news

The latest indiscretion regarding the future of the Far Cry brand dates back to 2021. Jeff Grubb revealed that the new games in the Far Cry series would be gods Live as Service following the departure of Executive Director Dan Hay. However to reveal the next release of the new Far Cry games was Tom Henderson which confirmed its development.

Far Cry: The new games in the series will alternate between single player and multiplayer

In all likelihood one of the new games in the Far Cry series will be a single player and will be just Far Cry 7. In addition to this title there will be a multiplayer which, according to reports, would have been born as Project Talisker under the guidance of Hay before his departure and, in all probability, the multiplayer work is referred to internally as Project Maverick and Ubisoft Montreal is very involved in the realization.

Ubisoft: Two new games in the Far Cry series due out in 2025

It’s reportedly a shooter set in the Alaskan wilderness and featuring contracts, backpacks, and permadeath. While there is the threat of other players, you will have to worry just as much, if not more, about wildlife and freezing weather. Both titles are apparently in delay of at least a couple of years, with a tentative goal for autumn 2025. Ubisoft responded to the news by stating that it has no intention of commenting on speculation or leaks.

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