Forspoken: the gameplay in action in the new trailer

Forspoken: il gameplay in azione nel nuovo trailer thumbnail

During the The Game Awards we had a little taste of what will be the playful offer of Forspoken, but now Square Enix’s new effort has returned to show itself in the extended gameplay trailer, which revealed a lot of information about the video game. Before taking a look at the news, we remind you that Forspoken will arrive as an exclusive PlayStation 5 and PC during the spring of 2022.

Forspoken: here is the new gameplay

The gameplay video, lasting approx 4 minutes, immediately throws us into the action, showing us a first smattering of the game world: Athia. In the trailer it is possible to observe what will probably be one of the first maps of the game from different angles, starting from a town located inside a stronghold, up to a stony land full of enemies to defeat.

Of course, the video also allowed us to take a look at the combat system of the title, which mixes melee attacks with spectacular spells capable of having different effects on our opponents. They range from classic magical darts to rain on enemy lines up to spells with more strategic effects, such as a water bubble that can slow down the movements of hostile creatures.

Particularly interesting is the section of the video dedicated to equipment, which will be decidedly unusual. The protagonist Frey in fact, he will be able to count on a skill tree in which to unlock his talents, on cloaks able to offer special bonuses and, finally, on the enamels, which can be used to paint runes on the nails of the protagonist and therefore define his elemental alignment.

In short, definitely some juicy details, which revealed more details about the production of Square Enix. We recommend that you take a look at the official trailer to get a better idea of ​​the game, pending its launch on May 24th.

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