Instagram presents the predictions for social trends in 2022

Instagram presenta le previsioni per i trend sui social nel 2022 thumbnail

Just yesterday the Instagram App published its first “Instagram Trend Report“, A sort of annual report that serves as a guide to predicting the biggest social media trends that will“ shape culture ”in 2022 and beyond. Are you curious to know what it is? Let’s find out together.

Instagram: App shares predictions for social trends in 2022

Apparently, in recent weeks the Instagram App has entered into connection with the Generation Z and Millennials users to learn about emerging trends in categories such as beauty, fashion, shopping, music, dance, celebrity, social justice, education, wellness and more. More specifically, to be able to create a 13-page report, the platform used a YPulse survey of October 2021. The sample, at the time, was made up of 1200 US users aged between 13 and 24 years. The results, let us tell you, are truly exciting. Here then are the predictions of Instagram for the trends of 2022:

  • Digital thrift shops
  • Creators who reach the fame of Serie A celebrities
  • A wave of “maximalist” fashion
  • A focus on cruelty-free beauty products
  • More dance challenge
  • A re-evolution of education and career goals. Apparently, 71% of users surveyed would rather have meaningful rather than profitable jobs, and 66% even questioned the value of college education.
  • Workouts at home and mental wellness activities, such as meditation exercises
  • A commitment to digital social justice.

In short, it would seem that the trends of recent months will continue to be successful also in 2022. From fitness to cruelty-free products, from the success of creators to online purchases of second-hand items: these and many others seem to be the trends of social media in the future. And if Instagram says so, maybe we should trust it.