Forspoken: the title appears in the Microsoft Store

Forspoken, the new Square Enix title, mysteriously appears in the Microsoft Store. Let’s find out all the details in this news

Initially known by the tentative name of Project Athia, the title officially showed up during this year’s Square Enix Presents, taking the official name of Forspoken. The title since its announcement has been confirmed as a temporal exclusive for Steam and PlayStation 5 consoles. For this reason, many users in the past few hours have been struck by the appearance of a page dedicated to Forspoken in the Microsoft Store catalog.

Forspoken also appeared surprisingly in the Microsoft Store

The new creature from Square Enix and Luminous Productions is a third-person open world fantasy adventure with dark and fascinating tones. In it we will play Frey, a young girl who finds herself catapulted into the kingdom of Athia. The title, which will make use of AMD’s FSR to ensure truly next-gen game graphics, has immediately captured the attention of the community, and is eagerly awaited by the end of 2022 as an exclusive timeline on PS5 and Steam.

Recently, however, it has been reported by various sources that Forspoken seems to have appeared, with a dedicated game card, also on the Microsoft Store, although it is not expected on other platforms before 2024. This immediately created great interest among fans, but a turnaround on exclusivity at the moment does not seem plausible. The most probable hypothesis is in fact that Microsoft has adopted a behavior similar to that had for other time exclusives, such as Rise Of The Tomb Rider.

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