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Forspoken: tips and tricks to play better!

Frey’s new world doesn’t only disorient her: for all Forspoken players we have gathered tips and tricks to be better

Don’t worry: ours guide a The prophesied it won’t all rhyme, but we wanted to get into the most suitable mood for i tricks eh advice with which to face a magical adventure at its best. Although to tell the truth, Frey Holland he probably wouldn’t find rhymes quite as nice. Indeed, she is a real fish out of water. Of course, we don’t want to detract from her (and yours!) magic and parkour skills, but dangers abound in Athia. For this reason, we have gathered the necessary tips to help you approach the start of the game properly. Prepare yours PC and/or yours PS5!

In all of this, we feel compelled to thank our colleague who is reviewing the game, as we have already had the opportunity to mention when talking about the launch trailer. As always, we take the opportunity to specify that this is a freshly released title: the guides you find on the site may be subject to updates later (except when it comes to games that have already been released for some time). Without further ado, we invite you to enter the world of Athia with us: we’ll take care of taking you to your destination without a scratch. Okay, without too many scratches.

Movement and versatility – tips and tricks for Forspoken

Since there are no real “tricks” in the classic sense, the first of the real tips we can give you for Forspoken concerns your skills. Parkour and offensive magic go hand in hand: you have to use both to win. We know well what the first thirteen Final Fantasy have accustomed you to, but try to get the better of your automatisms: Frey is agile, so be agile too. You can hit enemies from unexpected angles, and sometimes even magic can help you hop around the battlefield. Of course, however, mobility is not everything. You also need to know how to improvise.

In between dodging, be sure to also alternate between them the spells you have available. The more attacks and spells you chain, the better the rating you get at the end of the fight. And with a better score, the experience and the treasures you can take home will also increase. In other words, you just have to remember that while your enemies will often turn out to be stronger than you, speed is on your side. Take advantage of it and you can surround your opponents, and we’re not just referring to the speed of movement; celerity can translate into the equivalent of numerical superiority.

Forspoken: tips and tricks to play better!

Keeping an eye on you, but maybe not – tips and tricks for Forspoken

During fights, focusing attacks on one target can be of enormous help. Using the function of pointing you can fix the camera on a particular enemy. This means that you can keep track of the various opponents and continue to target them, despite your stunts worthy of a Fantozzi intent on catching the bus on the fly. This is particularly useful if there is a tough enemy among his fellow soldiers. Some hit like shots, especially early in the game, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for them. Just remember to activate targeting before charging a spell—doing it in the middle of a cast won’t work.

Of course, aiming isn’t your passepartout either. Sometimes it’s better to do without, and keep an eye on your surroundings instead of a single enemy. The dragon that welcomes Frey to Athia can unleash a fire attack that is best cashed into walls. In this fight it is advisable to keep the camera clear and to think of hiding from it as soon as the lizard begins to (visibly) experience heartburn. In general, if the arena consists of tiny platforms or the edge of a cliff, aiming isn’t exactly your winning weapon. In short, watch where you put your feet, what the heck!

Forspoken: tips and tricks to play better!

“Attack the weak point to maximize damage” – tips and tricks for Forspoken

We couldn’t resist the temptation to mention the company’s most memetic conference when speaking of a Sony exclusive. But targeted strategies beat every attack blindly: why charge like a new Leeroy Jenkins, when it is possible to obtain a result ten times greater with a minimum of stealth? Seriously, Frey is nimble enough to swoop down on enemies before they even know he’s there. And… do we really have to say it? You can attack their weak point, yes, to maximize damage. (Gigantic crabs not included in the offer.)

Jokes aside, use the setting and parkour for to plan your approach, in order to place a few shots well at the beginning of the fight. If you can, try to attack enemies from behind or from above – usually this will also deal some extra damage. For example, if you have to end your visit in a fortress, you can watch your enemies from the raised battlements. Then, choose who to get rid of first and (only then) charge your worst attacks. Once their fellow soldiers are also alerted, however, you will have to deal with it yourself. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Forspoken: tips and tricks to play better!

Vive la France – tips and tricks for Forspoken

The writer remembers an old adage found on the internet some time ago: “He who gives up never wins, whoever wins never gives up, but whoever doesn’t win and never gives up is stupid.” In this game, enemies don’t just collect damage, on the contrary: retaliating is their way of telling you that they appreciate your attention. The corrupt beasts you will face are powerful and are aggressive. We are not necessarily talking about the dark armies of Lordran (if this were the case, most likely you would have already thrown the console out the window), but still about tough opponents.

You will have understood by yourself that if your spells follow one another without the enemies making a single turn, or if you find yourself having to heal your wounds a little more often than you had anticipated, perhaps it is better for you beat a retreat. The reasons can be many. Perhaps your strategy is leaking, but your low level could also be the problem. Who knows? What is certain is that tidying up your ideas, preferably away from the battlefield, can only do you good. There is no dishonor in retreating, especially if there is only one per fight.

Forspoken: tips and tricks to play better!

“Marcello! Marcellus!” – tips and tricks for Forspoken

Do you remember that scene with which Anita Ekberg suggested to generations of tourists that the Trevi Fountain is an alternative to the hydromassage? No? Not bad, because the world of Athia wants to give you the same unhealthy ideas. There is certainly no shortage of things to do and find in the game, and between a monument with which to corroborate your statistics and a timed challenge, there is something that will come in handy before the next dungeon. You can do what you want when you want, but if you want useful advice, go dip your feet in it Source of Blessing whenever you find one.

These luminous pools give Frey new powers, and not only that: improvements to his parkour skills are also obtained as well. For example, with a dip in one of the first fountains you can unlock Flow, with which Frey is able to chain jumps to obtain an aerial movement much faster than normal, without consuming stamina at the same time. Useful and fun, the perfect mix! The, ahem, best upgrades can be found in fountains, so check your map with a good scan from the bell towers or, if you’re on land, check every corner where you think you see a light.

Forspoken: tips and tricks to play better!

(□) Collect – tips and tricks for Forspoken

If you play Fortnite, you should already know the command above. The references we’ve made so far with other RPGs have assumed similar mechanics, but the trinkets of the case are not collected automatically. After all, we’ve been talking about your approach to fighting all this time. What good is it, if your hard-earned prize remains on the ground? Many enemies carry valuable resources with them, so when defeated they will leave them on the battlefield. And that’s where you’ll have to remember to loot them properly. Key word: remember you.

With the agility that Frey finds himself, the intensity of each individual fight makes it very easy to forget to take home your well-deserved war trophies after the battle is over. You expect a pixel hunt like in the best graphic adventures, right? Well, not necessarily. Once you’ve dispatched the last enemy to its ancestors, you can scour the area without (ironically) moving a single of the protagonist’s nimble feet. Simply touch the d-pad of your DualSense controller (if on PS5) to activate Cuff’s scan and bring out all those precious treasures.

Forspoken: tips and tricks to play better!

Have a nice trip before number 2 (or maybe it was the other way around) – tips and tricks for Forspoken

No, don’t worry, you usually have to do number 2 before the trip. But the “number two” we are alluding to is the second chapter. Let’s go in order. When Frey is unceremoniously dropped off in the world of Athia, she finds herself in the Junoon region. Not long after, however, you will have already become familiar with her skills. And the parkour in which she is so good will serve you for explore the area surrounding Junoon Castle. Here, however, the open world dilemma takes over: linearity helps to proceed, but what if you take your time to explore every corner of the place?

This is exactly the point. The main quest pointer will send you to the shelter, but there’s really no pressure to do it right away. Instead, take your time to explore the village. There are several chests to open, and as many resources that can’t wait to get into your pockets. Check in every corner, and even on the roofs if necessary: ​​the Cuff scan, as we have already said, is your friend. Once you enter the refuge you will implement a very intense part of history that will take you away from the city. You can come back later… or not, but if that’s the case, don’t be in a hurry.

Forspoken: tips and tricks to play better!

Dedalock – tips and tricks for Forspoken

Among the flagship activities in the game particularly stand out i Sealed mazes. It is, in the case, of underground dungeons filled to the brim with secrets to find and monsters to fight. Clearly, it’s an opportunity like any other to dedicate yourself to the blessed level grind: take down one creature after another in order to bring your level to the stars. However, there is even better: the possibility of filling your pockets with lots of good stuff. Provided, of course, that you let yourself be carried away by your tourist spirit and not by the speedrunner soul that dwells in every player. (Better not complaining about how long Triple A’s last, right?)

Exploring these ruins, more often than not you will the choice of the path to follow. The best rewards are just as often found in different tunnels…