Il Mascara Trend: come la Gen Z sta sdoganando la sessualità su TikTok thumbnail

The Mascara Trend: How Gen Z is Legitimizing Sexuality on TikTok

One of the most popular trends on TikTok in recent weeks comes directly from the United States and is called Mascara Trend. No, cosmetics have nothing to do with it. It is a kind of coded language, a file to circumvent the censorship of the social network which, also given the young age of its users, does not allow the uploading of contents with sexual allusions.

Users have thus found a trick, as simple as it is effective, to share their experiences in terms of sexuality. Mainly used by young girls – now we will also understand why – the #Mascaratrend involves the use of the term “mascara” in reference to the male genital organ. Similarly, similar terms are used (such as “lip gloss” or “beauty case”) to indicate the vagina.

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How the Mascara Trend is generating a safe space on TikTok

The trend would seem apparently ephemeral and there is no shortage of users who use it for purely goliardic purposes. “Many have tried my mascara, she has many positive reviews, but now she is only mine,” writes a girl, presumably referring to her boyfriend.

In addition to the easy and hilarious double meanings, however, the Mascara Trend is creating something far more important: a safe space in which to share one’s experiences, even traumatic or delicate. Experiences that, if told in other terms (literally), would be banned from the platform.

“I had my first mascara from three to thirteen – reads another post – my biological dad gave it to me. I found out last year that my mom always knew. Since then I have had a lot of trouble using mascara. But it will get better.”

Meanwhile, earlier this year, TikTok promised that it will soon implement the ability to upload videos that address topics deemed “adult”, such as this one of sexuality. As is already the case with live TikTok Live, creators will be able to choose to reserve their content for users who are 18 years of age or older. The content in question will therefore be able to deal with and discuss issues deemed unsuitable for a young audiencepreserving the experience of underage users on the site. Of course, all content containing it will remain prohibited nudity, pornography and violence in any form.

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