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Fortnite: 10 tips to improve and get a Royal Victory

Fortnite is a game that requires practice and dedication, but the right settings and tricks can be very useful. Here are our tips to improve and, why not, even win.

Fortnite beginners? Don’t worry: here are our 10 tips to improve

Fortnite, one of the trendiest games of recent years, loved by young and old. The level of competitiveness of the title of Epic Games is now increasingly high and it is not uncommon for beginners to be eliminated as soon as they land on the island. We therefore decided to draw up a list of tips to improve on Fortnite, to avoid the most trivial mistakes, and to perfect the strategies (if you have one).

We reveal immediately a great truth: there are no tricks or secrets, to improve you will need to practice and practice. We can though get the maximum benefit from what the game makes available to us, learning the dynamics of the gameplay and making the right technical precautions. We will not take into account the elements introduced by the various seasons, but we will focus on the heart of the game, which is so far unchanged.

In this guide we will provide you tactical tips and tricks, which will help you increase your chances of getting one Royal Victory. But no more chatter: here it is our 10 tips to improve on Fortnite.

1 – Set the settings correctly

Before even parachuting to the island, the primary advice is to adjust your settings from the homonymous menu. Let’s start with the Game section, in which we suggest you set to on the item Clicking cancels recharging, Automatically sorts consumables on the right and Turbo Building. These are all measures aimed at increasing speed in combat, inventory management and construction.

Moving to the Controller Options section, we set to yes the item Auto run controller. In this way, by pressing L twice, our character will automatically run in the desired direction. This is very useful for controlling the map without interrupting the movement of the character.

In the Wireless Controller section we suggest you choose the set instead Construction professional. In this way we will optimize the construction times and the choice of materials that we will discuss later. If it helps, you can too reassign the keys, so you can find a button configuration that is closest to your needs.

2 – Choose the right landing spot (and don’t be afraid to change your mind in the end)

The map features numerous mouthwatering zones, with buildings that could hold plenty of loot and weapons. However choosing these locations as landing points could be the first real false move. In fact, if it is true that the areas with more structures contain more weapons, it is also true that they will be the ones in which all the players will try to land. A quieter area, with more equipment than opponents, is the one that can give us the most initial advantage. In this way, while the other players will take out each other for the control of a specific area, we will be able to stock up on weapons and crates in less mainstream areas. Plus we will have plenty of time to collect materials and farm while others wage war with each other (making it easier for us to get to the final stages).

To do this we advise you to choose a landing point far enough from the flying bus route. One of the most common mistakes among beginners is in fact to believe that the Storm will converge towards the center of the map. There is nothing more false: the shrinkage will occur in a totally random way, so choosing an extreme point is not necessarily a bad choice. In fact, you will notice that most of the players will tend to rush towards the built-up areas along the route of the bus: you distance yourself and look for an area where you will be away from the crowd.

Don’t get too attached to the chosen point: if you notice that other players are heading to that location, consider other options. First, once the parachute is opened, look around and try to understand the intention of the opponents. A small, secluded cottage can often be the wisest choice if you notice more players heading into town. Also use the descent wisely: if you open the parachute too soon you will land later. On the one hand, this will provide you with a distinct disadvantage in the arms race, but on the other hand it will allow you to evaluate the performance of your opponents.

3. Tips to improve on Fortnite: the choice of weapons and consumables

Once landed, the first thing to do is to search for the weapons, which are and remain the most important element of the game. Objects and armaments are classified by color, which also identify their potential. Let’s see how:

  • Common – Gray
  • Uncommon – Green
  • Rare – Blue
  • Epics – Purple / Violet
  • Legendary – Orange
  • Mythic – Gold (often only present in particular events)

Inventory management is also very important. You have 5 slots available: our advice is to use three for weapons and two for consumables. Get at least one automatic weapon for ranged combat, one for close-range combat (shotguns / pistols). Use the third slot of your choice (explosives / fireflies or other shotgun). Thus you will be always ready for all kinds of confrontations, and don’t forget to swap weapons if you find them rarer versions of the same rifle. One of the rarest and most powerful weapons is the automatic sniper rifle: don’t miss it if you find one. As for consumables, however, always prefer large shield potions and medkits with small shield portions and bandages.

When it comes to consuming potions, don’t make the mistake of drinking the big ones first. Small potions will only recharge you up to 50% shield, after which they will not be usable. So first use the small ones, and then complete the protection with the large potion. Furthermore destroying sofas and beds could release gold, useful for purchasing weapon upgrades. These can also be generated for free after accumulating the necessary resources in your inventory.

4. Don’t run wild

Running like there is no tomorrow is the most immediate way to be spotted and killed. Use the trees, bushes and buildings to move undercover. Run in open field only if chased by the Storm.

5. If you see an enemy, do not immediately attack

We understand it: adrenaline rushing, desire for blood and the will to scalp an opponent. However, attacking after spotting an enemy is not always the wisest choice. If you open fire right away, especially from a distance, you will alert your victim and run the risk of report your location to other nearby players. If your opponent is particularly good at building (or has a sniper rifle) he could defend himself from fire and counterattack, with the risk of being eliminated. Consider the possibility of observe his movements and catch him off guard, perhaps with an attack from the back, in which he will not have time to organize an effective defense.

If two players are battling, don’t join the fray. Hide and observe: let them eliminate each other, so as to be able to attack the winner who, probably, will come out wounded by the battle. Also, after the fight, the victor is likely to be distracted by medicating or collecting the equipment of the loser. Own this will be the right time to shoot and catch him off guard.

6. Learn the basics of building in Fortnite

Let’s dispel a big myth: there is no need to build amazing towers to win in Fortnite. However, knowing the fundamentals of building, and improving these skills, offers a huge advantage, especially in the later stages of the game.

In fact, although many pro videos make us want to destroy the controller, building is very simple. To start, we just need to create a very simple one construction in U. To do this, simply place a vertical wall in front of us, and two more on the sides, so as to form an imaginary U, with only one side uncovered. In this way, if an enemy is attacking us, we will be covered on the front and on both sides. Once the U is created, we will be able to place a ramp in front of us, so as to have an advantage in height and counterattack. Use the creative mode to practice these constructions which, although basic, can really help in the fighting phase. Finally, don’t forget that height relative to an enemy provides an important advantage in battle.

7. The doors open

A open door it only means one thing: another player passed by and, potentially, it is still nearby. Use this information to your advantage and, in the other sense, close the doors of the buildings you visit, so as not to leave traces. If you are farming wood with trees, don’t destroy them entirely, but stop first. Other players will notice if huge oaks, or common trees, suddenly disappear from view. Remember that reporting your position, even unintentionally, can lead you to be identified and attacked, perhaps from behind or with traps.

8. Try not to make too much noise

One of the most valuable tips to improve on Fortnite is about noise. Vehicles allow fast travel around the map, but they are extremely noisy. Remember that the sound is the first alarm bell that signals the presence of an enemy. When you approach a new area always try to be silent, perhaps sneaking up, and leaving the car at the right distance. Farming also generates noise, so avoid doing it in areas where you are not sure if you are alone.

9. Use sound to your advantage

As mentioned, sound is an important component in Fortnite, and you can use it to your advantage. We advise you to use a headset or headphones, but if you prefer you can also set the sound display from the game settings. In this way, indications and directions of any noises will appear on the screen.

When entering a building also pay attention to the sound of the golden chest. This emits a precise and unmistakable acoustic signal, which will indicate the direction in which it is hidden.

10. Tips to improve on Fortnite: always keep an eye on the Storm

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