Fortnite: a crossover event with Dragon Ball is coming

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Fortnite is one of the most played games of recent years and Dragon Ball one of the most popular series, why not combine both worlds as the famous Epic Games title has long accustomed us to

Here we go again, after the arrival of the characters of Marvel and Star Wars, the famous “colossus” of Fortnite has also decided to acquire within it the world conceived and designed by Akira Toriyama, or Dragon Ball! And in what way? But of course with a crossover event, but let’s try to move forward with some order.

Fortnite: here are the details on the Dragon Ball event

Just last week a Fortnite tweet announced the crossover event with Dragon Ball complete with drago Shenron. Well, it seems that the spheres have all been collected and the wish has been granted so let’s start with what we know (including the trailer that we leave you below)!

According to what the Gamespot team said, it seems that two bundles will soon be available with skins inspired by his most famous characters also including more alternative versions and places that fans of the saga already know very well.

Goku, Vegeta e Bulma they will therefore be among the main characters while, aboard the fantastic Speedy cloudyou can reach iconic scenarios such as the Room of Spirit and Time, Goku’s house, the Palace of the Supreme and so on. When? From 19 August so hurry up to digest the mid-August grills!

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