Fortnite: a trailer anticipates the arrival of Neymar Jr

EEpic Games confirms the arrival of Neymar Jr in Fortnite, accompanying the announcement through a new dedicated trailer

Last March, Epic Games had confirmed that Neymar Jr, the popular Brazilian footballer under Paris Saint-Germain, would have done his entry into Chapter 2, Season 6, of Fortnite, but without adding anything beyond that.

Now the developers have revealed that the battle royale will welcome the star of the world of sport starting from next April 27th, accompanied by four different skins, two inspired by as many soccer jerseys, and two similar to a spin-off of the Power Rangers, visible in the trailer that we propose.

Fortnite: Neymar Jr arrives and Epic shows a trailer

Anyone who has purchased the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6, will have access to the cosmetic items dedicated to Neymar Jr, but you will need to complete some challenges before you can unlock them, as reported in the press release released by Epic Games, together with a trailer:

“Completing a certain number of Challenges within Chapter 2, Season 6, will allow you to unlock more items from this particular set. It will be possible to obtain the Exhibition version of the Neymar Jr Outfit, and other items based on his yellow, blue and green jersey, inspired by the Brazilian national football shirt. “

Visiting the Creative modeFurthermore, it will be possible to access a Welcome Hub inspired by the arrival of the champion.

Furthermore, completing the challenges will allow us to obtain additional items, such as exclusive emotes, loading screens, backpacks and much more.

Are you happy with the arrival of Neymar Jr? Will you participate in the various challenges to unlock all the items related to the famous Brazilian soccer champion? Let us know in the comments section, here on And if maybe you are willing to buy the season pass at a discounted price, our advice is to take a look on the Instant Gaming pages.

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