Fortnite: Bloodsport is coming directly from the Suicide Squad

Fortnite: sta per arrivare Bloodsport direttamente dalla Suicide Squad thumbnail

Bloodsport, the DC Comics villain who will be featured in the upcoming film adaptation of The Suicide Squad, will make his Fortnite debut very soon. Although there are still no precise details regarding the launch date, the villain should arrive in the battle royale of Epic Games in a short time, going to expand the ranks of comic characters present in the game.

Bloodsport arriva in Fortnite

Bloodsport is a brand new character for the DC Extended Universe, but as far as comics are concerned, it is a villain that has now become historic. His first appearance dates back to 1997, as the antagonist of Superman and now, after more than twenty years, he is about to make his entrance in Fortnite, as part of the communication campaign aimed at promoting the new film.

The villain can already be seen in a teaser trailer in which he descends from a cableway shooting at enemies, and immediately after struggling with a rocket launcher and the chaos it unleashes. Routine business for the Suicide Squad. Bloodsport is the second team member to arrive in Fortnite. The first was Harley Quinn, in 2020, who then received a skin on the occasion of the release of Birds of Prey.

While not a full season has been dedicated to DC Comics as it did with Marvel last summer during Season 4, there are already plenty of DC heroes and villains in the game, includingi Batman, Catwoman, Beast Boy, Raven e Joker. Some characters, too, like Batman and Harley Quinn, have different skins that draw on different starting materials.

As if that weren’t enough, Epic recently asked its players what they would think of potential future collaborations with the likes of The Last of Us, Dragon Ball Z and Breaking Bad.