Serie A: Netgear propone le migliori soluzioni per seguirla in streaming thumbnail

Serie A: Netgear offers solutions to optimize streaming viewing

An epochal change for football lovers: from this year the Serie A will be broadcast only in streaming. This is why Netgear offers solutions to follow it with stable connections and optimized buffering times.

La Serie A in streaming

After an exciting European, the desire for great football restarts. The next Serie A championship however, it will be very different from how we know it, as it will be broadcast entirely in streaming. To follow it, therefore, you will no longer need a decoder to connect to the TVs, but you will need to have SmartTV and stable connections. A solution that will put many fans in crisis, as the less accustomed to devices will have to fight with interruptions and delays.

To the rescue comes Netgear, a leader in the wi-fi devices sector, which offers various products for guarantee everyone a stable, powerful and performing connection. These include the Orbi RBK853, the premium WiFi mesh system from the Orbi WiFi 6 family and the Nighthawk M5 portable router. This has connectivity 5G e WiFi 6, for those who do not have or do not want a fixed line connection, but at the same time cannot give up a reliable and fast network.

Netgear solutions for high definition streaming

Orbi RBK853 is the Netgear WiFi system featuring a modern and sleek designed for those looking for the best WiFi signal capable of providing wide coverage, fast and stable connection and simultaneous streaming on multiple devices. Technology WiFi 6in fact, it allows you to use the home network in the most efficient way, allowing you to permanently connect countless devices in operation. Thanks to Orbi, every member of the family can watch the games from anywhere in the house, from a TV or smartphone or tablet, even in the garden.

Nighthawk M5, instead, it is a reliable workaround when a wired Internet connection is not available. The device is also perfect for those in need Internet access for limited periods of time, for example in second homes, short term rentals or on the go. Up to 30 devices can be connected to each router simultaneously and, thanks to the touchscreen, compact design and intuitive interface, everyone can easily manage the network. You just need to have a SIM from any operator to be inserted in the router to navigate immediately and rely on a secure network.

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