Fortnite lancia oggi la modalità Zero Build: addio per sempre alle costruzioni thumbnail

Fortnite confirms goodbye to construction with the Zero Build mode

After testing – apparently successfully – the removal of constructions, Fortnite has announced the Zero Build mode, available today.

Zero Build: Fortnite confirms the mode without constructions

Epic Games has officially confirmed a new Fortnite mode called Zero Build, which completely removes construction mechanics. These had already been eliminated on March 20, generating skepticism on the part of videogame purists. However, Epic had been cautious: “goodbye to construction for just a week”, reassuring the more traditionalists and, in the same way, testing the novelty. Apparently the removal of the building mechanics pleased the players, transforming the famous video game into a purer battle royale.

Confirmation comes with Zero Build, available from today for all platforms. Here’s how the new mode is described on the official Fortnite blog.

“Zero Build mode is a pure test of weapons, items and traversal skills. Zero Build can be found on the Learn how to Solo, Duos, Trio and Squadra page. “

Epic Games has also released a short trailer showing the mode in a game that appears increasingly action-oriented.

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