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Fortnite Festival: Lady Gaga is coming

Not even the paparazzi were expecting a bomb, rather, a similar sticky grenade: Lady Gaga is about to land on Fortnite Festival

Since with the excuse of Fortnite Festival we can see firefights between Eminem and The Weeknd without even batting an eye anymore, it goes without saying Lady Gaga be the next one. I mean, obviously, what are we talking about? Tomorrow, February 22, the most extravagant pop star ever will land on the island unaware of the videogame phenomenon of the decade. The collaboration, as happened this same season with that stinker Peter Griffin, has been talked about for some time. So much so that the singer-songwriter herself wondered in a tweet from five years ago what “fortnight” was (a two-week period in archaic English; known for a gag on The Simpsons translated into Italian as “the ides of this month” , ed.). And now we have a retweet complete with a spelling correction, thus closing the circle.

A “romance” so “bad” it includes shootings: Lady Gaga lands in the Fortnite Festival (and beyond)

Of course, if a skin arrives on Fortnite Festival, it goes without saying that it can also be used in the other game modes, which means that we will soon see Anonymous[280] hit us from 400 meters or more with a sniper rifle and then see Lady Gaga dancing to the tune of Rick Astley. Because life is like that. The funny thing is that it’s not even the craziest collaboration we’ll see in the futurenot now that Disney He ran over one and a half billion dollars to carve out a generous virtual space in Epic Games’ battle royale. We don’t know if this means getting shot in the face by Elsa or something similar, but one thing is certain: whoever has given up the game for “dead” in recent years will not go down in history for his acumen.

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