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Fortnite: lots of news coming for the 2023 tournaments

Epic Games has announced that in 2023 there will be many news regarding the conduct of the main Fortnite tournaments

Although he is now a venerable age, Fortnite it is a title that continues to really be very popular even now. This is obviously due to the constancy with which the title is enriched by new content, but not only. Even the competitive side in fact, it helps to keep the interest in Fortnite high and apparently in 2023 Epic Games he intends to carry out several tournament structure changes.

Epic plans to rearrange all Fortnite Champion Series tournaments

The Fortnite Champion Series is a major seasonal event with qualifiers running throughout the season and finally culminating in a grand final featuring the best players from around the world. This specific structure has distinguished the FNCS for several years but Now the time has finally come for a change. In fact, Epic Games has decided to transform the Fortnite Champion Series into a five-week event which will allow professionals to earn points for participating in the Fortnite Champion Series Global Championship, a new very important tournament that will take place in the second half of 2023 in Copenhagen.

Fortnite: lots of news coming for the 2023 tournaments

At the first Major will directly replace the Elite Divisional Cups and it will officially start on February 2, 2023. Each Major will have its own ranking and at the end of the competition the top 40 pairs across all tournaments they will go at Grand Finals together with 20 other players decided with a Last Chance Qualifier. Qualifiers for the global final will be divided by regionwith EU and NA West overrepresented compared to other regions.

There are also some news regarding i cash prizes of tournaments. In fact, this year the total jackpot of all competitions will amount to a total of ben 10 million dollars. All Majors will be up for grabs 2 million dollarswhile the Fortnite Champion Series Global Championship will offer participants a much more generous prize.

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