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Fortnite OG: the old map is back, guide on where to land

New chapter, old map: Fortnite’s first island makes its triumphant return to the scene, and it’s best to land prepared with a guide!

With locations with picturesque names like Sprofondo Stantio, one would think that the old map which presents us again Fortnite for this new short season can be considered “stale”, but in reality in this one guide you’ll find there’s a lot to talk about. Too much. Knowing where to step is a privilege enjoyed only by players who pride themselves on their seniority… or not? We’ll tell you: no. The passage from the island of Chapter 4 (Season 4) to that of the self-styled Capitolo AND would leave anyone dumbfounded, so… how about finding your way properly in the gigantic arena of that distant 2018?

General Overview | Fortnite old map guide

If you want a slightly more anecdotal incipit to put you at ease, you will be happy that whoever is writing this guide was welcomed by Fortnite veterans with a very unceremonious flash elimination one minute after landing on the old map. And this is where a detail must be highlighted that may not be entirely clear in the image below: the battle royale island has grown considerably, albeit gradually, over the past twenty seasons. Compared to the colossal agglomeration of biomes, with bizarre locations like Slapping Shores, Mega City and Brutal Bastion last week, we now have to alternate with an atoll where we are almost packed in like sardines. Wherever you land, expect company!

Fortnite OG: the old map is back, guide on where to land

Assault on the rough diamond | Fortnite old map guide

Having realized that you are going to find yourself in a crawl space, the least you can do is (if you are not in a hurry) plan the landing already from the lobby. Under the heading “assignments”, in fact, you will be able to view the map and, especially if you play every day, view the daily missions. Completing three of them translates into a free level, but since Epic Games wanted to pardon us by leaving us at least some comfort, we might as well place the ping (or pointer, if you prefer) on the map before matchmaking even puts you in the same game with the other ninety-six, ninety-eight or ninety-nine vultures. Or, even better, draw the category (on controller: X on Switch, Y on Xbox and △ on PlayStation) to jump off the bus with clear ideas!

Fortnite OG: the old map is back, guide on where to land

“… that everything sticks, that makes everything dirty” | Fortnite old map guide

However, if you are a less experienced player when it comes to Epic’s live service, many of the “inconveniences” of the map will be decidedly new to you. Believe it or not, the elegant swimming mechanic was born as a feature of Chapter 2: thewater that you will find here is an irritating slime that it will drastically slow you down in your movements, diving only from the ankles down. The lake of Shores of Lootingin particular, is atrocious for a reason we’ll get into shortly (although at least the house on the islet in the center will be familiar to those who tamed Loot Island in the previous season), but at least your opponents should let you use the Barrel for Drinking in Peace.

Fortnite OG: the old map is back, guide on where to land

Honey, my quality-of-life changes have shrunk | Fortnite old map guide

Speaking of other desired downgrades, we point out the total absence of NPCs to hire. The island, in other words, has returned to being what it was in the beginning: an empty, desolate and hostile place in which to fight for survival. The ingots also went with the NPCs, leaving the materials the role of currency for i vending machines. The latter are accordingly absent from Zero Costruzioni. This mode implements some zipline to overcome the points that would otherwise be impossible to reach, and you will have to exploit every means at your disposal because the four enhancers for every game they are finished on the bench until further notice!

Fortnite OG: the old map is back, guide on where to land

You can’t say “hide and seek” without “no”. Fortnite old map guide

Have you ever tried to hide in Bosco Blaterante, to the north-east of the map? If the answer is “yes”, you will have noticed that (contrary to your predictions in which you anticipated the ambushes of Foresta Frignante from Chapter 2) the usual Anonymous[280] on duty sent you back to the lobby with a hole in your head. There’s no easy or pleasant way to say this: just as we said two paragraphs ago, the entire map lacks blind corners. From the aforementioned Looting Shores to the Deadly Lands farm, the loop island doesn’t place much importance on your stealth. Yes, there is the Bush as a tool, but at the slightest damage suffered by enemies it will disappear.

Fortnite OG: the old map is back, guide on where to land

Forecasts, preparations and planning | Fortnite old map guide

Get some evergreen advice that will also be valid a year from now: the points you go to at the start of the game depend on who accompanies you. If you play alone, avoid the places indicated, i.e. those whose names appear on the map. Much better, rather, i points of interest the isolated case, especially if on the map. You’ll have to move your back towards the next safe zone, no doubt, but at least you should avoid a lot of nuisances. Things get complicated playing in pairs, trios and teams; in these cases, like it or not, you just can’t say no to the places indicated.

Fortnite OG: the old map is back, guide on where to land

“Where we droppin’?” | Fortnite old map guide

In general there is no definitive landing point, since each has its pros and cons. However, we can tell you which ones to avoid. Generally, i urban centers they present an unpleasant combination (for beginners, as it becomes tempting after gaining experience) of blind corners, vertical level design and the possibility of finding weapons and resources. This means that more experienced players than you will tear you apart in Pinnacoli Pendenti, Parco Pacifico and, perhaps to a lesser extent, Corso Commercio. When writing the article (which will age badly, considering that the locations will change from week to week), the smaller areas on the map are the ones where you should have less trouble. In other words, we are talking about Snobbish Beaches, Crossroads of Junk, Approdo Avventurato and the like.

Fortnite OG: the old map is back, guide on where to land

Weekly changes | Fortnite old map guide

We talked about a guide destined to age like milk and we have our reasons. Already in the next few days the current map (a 1:1 scale replica of the one seen in Chapter 1, Season 5: Adrift) will move on to the next muse, so don’t expect the desert biome to the southeast of the island to remain the only example of geological variety. Later we will (re-)see the snow for the (second) first time and, with it, new (old) points indicated with attached names to (re-)learn. We know well that the Shotgun has returned from the Fortnite “warehouse”, but avoid becoming attached to it. You will only be disappointed when Epic removes it again from the chests scattered here and there across the island.

Fortnite OG: the old map is back, guide on where to land

Additional Considerations

Aside from Epic’s almost passive-aggressive response to the requests of Fortnite players nostalgic for the good old first map, we glossed over several details in the guide. One above all, the fact that while the classic interface is back in vogue for the item shop the heads-up display during actual gameplay is the improved one first seen in Chapter 2. The actual swimming is missing, but it is shot and theclimbing (plus, more importantly, ambulances to reboot eliminated players) have remained. And, in addition to the ziplines, the caddy (which, fortunately, doesn’t need fuel!) and, for the more daring, i trolleys with their legendary ungovernability. Good luck on the battlefield, you’ll need it!

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