Lamborghini Countach: all’asta la regina di The Wolf of Wall Street

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The Lamborghini Countach used for filming the famous film The Wolf of Wall Street will be sold at auction on November 25th: the estimates are obviously record-breaking but could even be exceeded!

In the history of cinema, it can sometimes happen that the cars used during filming manage to earn awards roles as true protagonists of the big and small screen. On some occasions these cars have even come to inextricably link their image to the films in which they took part, almost obscuring the protagonists.

Just think of the very successful Back to the Future trilogy, with the legendary De Lorean, or the iconic Supercar TV series, with the Pontiac Trans Am named Kitt. The Wolf of Wall Street is no exception, boasting the appearance of a car in itself absolutely exceptional: la Lamborghini Countach.

Lamborghini Countach: all'asta la regina di The Wolf of Wall Street

The peculiarities of the car from The Wolf of Wall Street

All Lamborghini Countachs are special in some way, but the example that appeared in the famous American film is even more so. The Lamborghini in question can in fact boast the fact of belonging to the very limited number (658 examples) of Countach 25th Anniversary. Also noteworthy is the fact that the car was equipped with American type bumperaesthetically unappealing, but certainly interesting from a collecting point of view.

The car has been preserved, maintaining it in the exact conditions in which she was immortalized by Martin Scorsese’s lens. However, those who remember well the progress of the film inspired by the true story of the broker Jordan Belfort will know that the car was not properly treated with kid gloves…

The appearances in some of the salient scenes of the story have in fact cost her several damage that is difficult to remedy, which however fail to undermine its indisputable charm. The great talent of the master Marcello Gandinicreator of his original lines, can also be seen in this.

Lamborghini Countach: all'asta la regina di The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street: How much is a damaged Lamborghini Countach worth?

Although some might think that the conduct of an “unattentive” DiCaprio may have diminished its value, the Countach in the film appears to be the opposite very palatable. In fact, there will be many collectors who will try to win it through offers.

The estimates speak of an inclusive sales price between 1.5 and 2 million dollars, but obviously it is difficult to imagine what the final figure decided by the hammer will be. The most curious will be surprised to know that, as is customary in the world of cinema, the car was purposely damaged before filming: an operation carried out artfully by personnel specialized in stage furnishings.

He survives however another almost identical example, used for other shots of the film and never damaged, which will be auctioned on December 8th in New York. It will be interesting to discover the difference between the sales figure of the two Lamborghini Countachs: the bizarre world of auctions never ceases to amaze the public and bidders!

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