Fortnite: server down, for how much longer?

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Fortnite has servers down after the release of the new season, how long will we have this problem?

The new season of Fortnite has arrived, but it seems that we will have to wait several hours before you can play it. There is good news and bad news for players of the video game developed by Epic Games who can’t wait to start the new season. The good news is that we will see again the original map of Fortnite, the bad news is that in order to play the new season the servers will be under maintenance for a while. Coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, Android and PC on November 3the new season will be accompanied by servers down, which means you won’t be able to play Fortnite for a while.

Fortnite: servers are down on November 3rd

According to Epic Games, Fortnite will be offline for server maintenance for the morning of November 3rd. The Twitter account mentions that the servers will be taken offline from 3 am and matchmaking it will be deactivated for a while. For users in England, the Fortnite Battle Royale servers will be down at 7am. While there is no timetable for server maintenance, the issue will typically last for 3 hours, meaning that in England they will be able to play again around 10am. In another tweet, Epic Games revealed that the update will be larger than usual.

Please note that the v27.00 update file will be larger than usual on some platforms

From what fans can expect, the new season will bring back old weapons and locations from the first seasons. A nice return to the origins is therefore to be expected, with old locations on the map as Junk Junction, Haunted Hills, Pleasant Park, Snobby Shores, Greasy Grove, Lazy Links, Frosty Flights, Flush Factory e Salty Springs. It goes without saying that Epic Games will also bring back the iconic location Tilted Towers, which has always been a very popular landing spot for fans. Old classic weapons such as the shotgun and assault rifle. Continue to follow us on to stay updated on the world of video games.

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