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Fortnite: the Wu-Tang Clans are coming!

Credits: Epic Games | Fortnite

Epic Games has announced the release of a line of cosmetic items on Fortnite that include skins, items and emotes inspired by the historic New York rap collective of the Wu-Tang Clan. The package will be called WUWEAR and will arrive tomorrow (April 23) on the game store.

All Fortnite content inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan

Just like the skins released for the Coachella Festival, the Wu-Tang Back Bling cosmetics will be responsive to the music and will create different visual effects every time the player listens to the in-game music. Here are all the objects of the WUWEAR Set:

  • Throwback BG (male skin)
  • B.R.I.T.E (skin femminile)
  • Shimmy Surfer Glider (parachute)
  • Neck protector (pickaxe)
  • Triumphant Tagger (pickaxe)
  • Wu-Tang is forever (emote that plays a short snippet from 1993’s ‘CREAM (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)’ song, as players raise their W-shaped hands.
  • 2 Wu-tang Spray e 1 emoji
  • Skin armi
  • Loading screen

About collaboration RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan said: “Fortnite has been in my family for years. It has been a pleasure and a joy to watch the game evolve and this collaboration is something of a multigenerational swag and cool ”.

On the official blog it is possible to admire all the objects arriving tomorrow.

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